What is “Sharenting” All About

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You might wonder what Sharenting is all about? Well, sharenting is the word coined for those parents who share too much information about their kids on social media. The Wall Street Journal created this term from the two words ‘over-sharing and ‘parenting.’ Pictures of children having meltdowns, playing dress-up, and toddlers even in the bathtub … Read more

The Cons of Sugary Drinks

It’s summertime, and whenever I go out for a walk, I see groups of youngsters enjoying their time, each with a can of sugary beverages. But alas! The warnings come clear and loud about the health hazards of sugary drinks. A recent study sounded the alarm that sugary drinks may lead to an estimated death … Read more

Are You Considered a Narcissist If You Post Too Many Selfies

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Kardashians, just think and tell me a similarity between them, what a ridiculous question? You might wonder.    The similarity is nothing but the selfie. Such is the incredible magnetic power of selfie. It can attract people of different hues and shades.   So, what is a selfie? Merriam-Webster … Read more

Brain Performance Linked to Healthy Physical Development of Kids

The world is becoming more competitive day by day, and boosting our children’s’ brain performance is essential to realize their full growth potential.  Research shows us that physical fitness is directly linked to children’s brain development. This link is the cornerstone that leads to their success.   Physical fitness related to brain performance   Scientists … Read more