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What is Brown Fat-And How to Increase It

Brown fat is a special type of fat that gets activated when you feel cold. It warms up your body by producing heat and helps maintain your body temperature in cold climates.

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The Cons of Sugary Drinks

It’s summertime, and whenever I go out for a walk, I see groups of youngsters enjoying their time, each with a can of sugary beverages. But alas! The warnings come clear and loud about the health hazards of sugary drinks. A recent study sounded the alarm that sugary drinks may lead to an estimated death […]

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Why Should You Drink Rooibos Tea

Are you an avid tea drinker? Then let me introduce you to the rooibos tea which is healthy and will perfectly satisfy your taste buds. Rooibos tea has a fascinating tradition behind it. This tea grows in a small mountainous area in the region of Western Cape in South Africa. Traditionally the local people would […]

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Informative Healthy Eating Tips For Ramadan

A young mother asked me a question in whether pregnant women can fast during Ramadan. Since the holy month has begun, I thought it would be great if I write a post about healthy eating tips during Ramadan. Dr. Razeen Mahroof from Oxford says that “The underlying message behind Ramadan is self-discipline and self-control, […]

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Stunning Health Benefits of Coffee

Feelart, My sanity returns with a cup of coffee. I will shout my lungs out, my kids and even the neighbors know that I had missed my cup of coffee (just kidding). And once I had my fill, I am the sweetest, most well-behaved person you will ever see in the universe. So there must […]

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5 Top Reasons That Makes Your Cup Of Coffee So Healthy

Christmas is a fantastic festive season where you will enjoy your time with family and friends. All the joys and togetherness brings you a lot of stress. So steal some few moments for yourself, hear some good music and sip that steaming hot cup of coffee to unwind and de-stress. Is coffee perfect for your health? […]


Caffeine Can Delay Brain Development In Young People

To be totally honest I cannot live without my morning cup of coffee. Could you? The caffeine present in yourcup of coffee when in small amounts increases the speed and accuracy of your recognizing power with positive associations. So you feel entirely positive and geared up to face the challenges with a fearless heart. But […]