5 Easy Summer Cleaning Tips for a Healthy and Happy Home

Summer is here, and we have some easy cleaning tips! The kids are at home, and you’re super busy balancing work and home. Wow! Everything seems so picture perfect until you know you have to clear the house!

Does that sound familiar? I’ve been there, done that, and know how it feels.

So to have a good time with your kids and avoid burnout, here are five simple summer cleaning tips to help you stay on top of your summertime chores.

Dust more often

When the warm sunshine fills the air, you would be tempted to open the windows and let the sun’s rays fill your house. While that seems refreshing, it also has a downside; Open windows bring in a lot of dust, so you must dust surfaces quite often. You could also avail the help of your kids to make the cleaning more manageable and have fun.

Also, don’t forget to clean your ceiling fan because it might pew dust all over your house. Just remove the dust with a pillowcase, throw it in the trash, and pop the pillowcase in the washing machine.

Keep odors away

Trash smells terrible, but it’s more intense during summer because the heat and humidity encourage bacterial growth. So it’s a good practice to empty trash cans at least twice a day. Also, wash the trashcan weekly with a few drops of detergent and a 1/4 cup of bleach, wipe it with a paper towel, and spread some baking soda at the bottom. Baking soda absorbs the foul odor and prevents it from spreading.


Use essential oils

Humidity and summer heat can cause mildew in your bathrooms. Ensure you keep the exhaust fan running while you shower and leave the restroom open after you’ve finished bathing. This slows down the growth of mildew. Also, wipe off the shower doors often with a microfiber cloth to prevent the development of mold.

It’s always a nice feeling to step into a fresh-smelling bathroom. With this in mind, avoid the toxic air fresheners and go in for essential oils. You may choose the specific scent that you like. For example, lavender promotes an ambiance of relaxation. Likewise, lemongrass has a fresh and minty smell that gives a summary warm feeling making you feel energetic.

Spruce up your outdoor furniture, grill, and pool toys

Bring back your outdoor furniture to life with a bit of cleanup. Hose up the dust and debris with some detergent and wipe them dry. Degrease your grill with some apple cider vinegar and balled aluminum foil to remove the gunk so you can enjoy some quiet BBQ time with family and friends. Do your kids play with floaties and pool toys? Spray them with a part of vinegar to three parts of water and wipe clean.

Clean floors

Take special care of your floors. Melting ice creams, drips of ketchup, tiny food bits, an array of colored juice spills may be a common occurrence in your home. As soon as you see one, just wipe them off. Keep some handy wipes to clean these spills quickly, or just a wet tissue paper would suffice.

Between kids running to the bathroom, pools, and outdoors, you’ll have to put up with tiny wet feet, mud, and lots of cleaning. Institute a no-shoe policy inside the house and keep doormats at the restroom entrances of your home.

Vacuum high traffic areas at least three times a week. Even a handheld vacuum makes your work a lot easier than a broom. Comparatively, a robot vacuum cleaner simplifies your workload significantly. The Neato D 8 Intelligent robot vacuum has a brush that’s nearly double the size of a round robot vacuum cleaner. The D shape gives the robot vacuum better access to clean the corners and along walls.
Its intelligent navigation system uses lasers to map and thoroughly cleans your home.

Also, this robot vacuum has maximum pickup for more surface types and cleans effectively. Its high-performance air filter traps 99 percent of allergens and dust particles as small as 10 microns. Using a robot vacuum not only ensures a clean house but spares you more time to have fun with your kids.

Follow our easy summer cleaning tips and have a great summer!