Brain Performance Linked to Healthy Physical Development of Kids

The world is becoming more competitive day by day, and boosting our children’s’ brain performance is essential to realize their full growth potential. 

Research shows us that physical fitness is directly linked to children’s brain development. This link is the cornerstone that leads to their success.


Physical fitness related to brain performance


Scientists have found an association between physical fitness and brain development. The kids who are fitter tend to have a bigger hippocampus, and they perform well on memory tests compared to their less-fit peers.


Physically fit means having proper growth rates, which mean correct height and weight for their age. In the above research, scientists used magnetic resource imaging to measure the relative size of specific structures in the brains of kids.


The hippocampus is tucked deep in the brain and is associated with memory and learning. A bigger hippocampus is associated with better performance on spatial reasoning and cognitive tasks.


Another research study by the University of Illinois researchers says that kids who are aerobically fit tend to have a slightly thinner gray matter. Also, they do better in maths tests compared to their lower-fit peers. 

As Indians, we tend to place a strong emphasis on maths and science subjects. So this study should make you sit down and take note of what is bothering your kids’ healthy development.


Thinning of the outermost layer of brain cells in the cerebrum is associated with better mathematics performance. Gray matter thinning is also associated with better reasoning and thinking skills, according to previous research studies.


University of Illinois scientists says that physically fit kids have beefier brain white matter than their less-fit peers. Also, kids who are physically fit have more fibrous and compact white matter tracts in their minds than their peers who are less fit.


The bundles of axons that carry the nerve signals from one brain region to another describe the white matter. The more compact white matter is associated with faster and more efficient nerve activity.


Power foods that boost your kids’ brain growth


Calcium- is vital for developing bone mass. Nearly all bone mass is built during childhood and adolescence. Sources include cheese, yogurt, and milk.


Vitamin E- Sources include avocado, nuts, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, and spinach.


Fiber- Sources are fruits, beans, lentils, and chickpeas.


Potassium- You can find it in bananas, yogurt, orange, milk, and fish such as halibut and cod.


Iron- It is present in shrimp, beef, chicken, beans, and lentils.

 A healthy diet and proper physical activity can significantly enhance the happiness and success of your kids.