7 Brazenly Honest Reasons for the Need for Gender-Specific Wellness Programs for Working Women

What’s the need for gender-specific wellness programs? Many years back, when I used to leave my son at the school bus stop, I saw a little boy always throwing tantrums, fighting with other kids, and being rude to everyone. Hence all the other parents who were there were puzzled about his actions. Later I came … Read more

7 Easy Ways to Detox Your Brain to Supercharge Productivity

Do you love being quick-witted and sharp-minded? Do you want to stay at the top of your game for as long as possible? Yup! Who might not want that? Can a brain detox help? In this fast-paced life with lots of technological advancements––your brain is often so loaded up with information. When your mind gets … Read more

Top Health Conditions That Affect Millennials – And How to Treat Them Naturally

As a millennial, you may be busy juggling your family, career, and other commitments, but may forget about your behavioral wellness. It seems millennials are affected by problems relating to behavioral health. Behavioral wellness helps to improve your self-awareness, make healthy choices, and achieve proper balance in all areas of your life.  Blue Cross Blue … Read more

How To Cope Up With Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder. It leads to excessive weight loss, irrational fear of gaining weight, and obsession with one’s figure. Anorexia starts in adolescence and is more prevalent among females than males. That said, about 10% of males suffer from anorexia. It can also be attributed to the much-famed size zero culture. Anorexia … Read more