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  • Top Health Conditions That Affect Millennials – And How to Treat Them Naturally

    As a millennial, you may be busy juggling your family, career, and other commitments, but may forget about your behavioral wellness. It seems millennials are affected by problems relating to behavioral health. Behavioral wellness helps to improve your self-awareness, make healthy choices, and achieve proper balance in all areas of your life.  Blue Cross Blue […]

  • What is the ​Sauna​ Bath? Health Benefits and Safety Tips

    What is the ​Sauna​ Bath? Health Benefits and Safety Tips

    A sauna can be said as part of Finnish history because the oldest known saunas were found in Finland. People dug pits inside the slopes and used it as a dwelling place in winter.  The sauna contained a fireplace where the stones were heated at a high temperature. Water was poured on these stones to […]

  • Yogic Breathing May Fight Major Depression

    Yogic Breathing May Fight Major Depression

      Buy quality yoga gear at fantastic prices. Click Here!   Grief and sadness are normal human emotions, but major depression is something more. It is a period of overwhelming sorrow. If left untreated it can put your life at risk and can lead to severe complications. You can have a single bout of major […]

  • A Collection of Best Work Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

          The plantar fascia is a ligament that connects your heel bones to your toes supporting the arch of your foot. If you strain this flat band of tissue, it gets swollen, weak and inflamed which in turn will cause your heel to hurt, when you stand or walk. To prevent or cure […]

  • Can Montmorency Cherries Reduce Blood Pressure

    Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Then here is a natural way to reduce your blood pressure. Scientists from the Northumbria University have found that tart Montmorency cherry juice significantly reduced high blood pressure. The results were so promising that its effect was equivalent to medication produced results. Awesome isn’t? Montmorency tart cherries This […]

  • 4 Science Backed Reasons That Cause Depression

    Depression is not just singing away your blues. It should be taken seriously. Depression causes a persistent feeling of sadness and lack of interest. It steals away your zest for life. Life on the planet is a beautiful and precious one. Depression gives a feeling that life is cumbersome and boring.     So it […]