How to Keep the House Clean (And the Stunning Health Benefits of a Clean House)


A clean house is a pretty sight to behold but a bit difficult to maintain as such. I read an interesting confession of a house cleaner who worked for a millionaire. The millionaire had ten giant dogs and later bought a goat. 

Soon enough, she felt sorry that the goat stayed outside and let it in along with the giant dogs. The house cleaner did the best she could, but after cleaning the house, the goat peed on everything, followed by the dogs. Turning a blind eye to the actual situation, the rich woman came and screamed about the dirty house, and soon after, the cleaner had to quit her job.

In reality, having a couple of small kids and having a clean house is an arduous task. So then, how can one have a spic and span house with ten giant dogs and a goat? Funny right?

So whether you have pets or kids or both and want to keep the house clean, here are some easy-to-follow ideas to try out.

How to keep the house clean


If you’re new to decluttering, create a decluttering checklist, and start with just 5 minutes a day. First, donate clothes you never wear. 

Try taking the 12-12-12 challenge. The challenge works like this. Locate 12 items to donate, 12 things to throw away, and 12 items to be returned to their proper place. Also, you can try the four-box method where you label these boxes as trash, keep, give away or relocate.

Set a time limit

Having a home cleaning schedule makes your life easy. To begin with, create a master task list. Then, go through room by room and create a list of cleaning that must be done there. Time your cleaning sessions with a timer for the maximum amount of time you’ll clean the house. This practice keeps you going even when you lack the motivation to clean. 

Contrarily you can, set a timer for one room or one task at hand. For example, you may clean the bathrooms on Tuesdays, and Fridays could be your laundry day. If you find it difficult doing loads of laundry on a single day, then wash one load of laundry per day.

Clean house with kids

It would be easier for you to do the job yourself, but being patient and teaching the kids age-appropriate jobs will be beneficial in the long run. Start small by asking kids to pick up their stuff and slowly increase the complexity, like putting the coats and shoes in their place, putting dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning their room, and slowly add other chores to their schedule.

Do a 15-minute nightly clean-up.

A 15-minute family nightly clean-up will help you enjoy hassle-free mornings. Switch on the timer and stick with top cleaning priorities. For example, you can clean the kitchen or fold the laundry while the kids can help with small household chores or clean their rooms.

A Robot vacuum might do the trick.

Investing in a robotic vacuum will be a real lifesaver. It frees you from all the humdrum of the cleaning chore. There are many advantages to owning a robot vacuum.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Low maintenance
  • Hands-free operation
  • Can handle tight spaces
  • You can set virtual boundaries
  • You can even program your cleaning schedule.

The Neato D8 Intelligent vacuum cleaner could be a great choice. It’s great for any home and is suitable for tile, hardwood, or carpet. With a single charge, it cleans up to 750 sq m, ideal for middle-sized homes.

This robot vac contains a high-performance filter that sucks up a lot of dust and debris and captures 99 percent of allergens. With the help of the Neato app, you can create No go zones and schedule cleaning routines. If you want to clean tricky spots, shift into the Turbo mode, so the vacuum ensures a thorough deep clean with extra pickup.

Among the many positive reviews, this review stands out. A happy customer has only good things to say about Neato vacuum cleaner. Her only regret is she should have bought it earlier––a decision that would’ve made her life a lot easier because she’s a lot busy with her two little ones.

How a Clean House can Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

Cleaning is a form of exercise—any form of exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones which create a positive feeling in your body. Regular exercise could ward off depression, lessen anxiety and reduce stress. 

It enhances focus

If you struggle to concentrate, take a minute and look at your work table. Are there lots of clutter? Books, files, breakfast bowl, and other stuff? A cluttered environment creates confusion and drastically reduces your ability to focus, even hindering positive energy. So take a few moments to get your things sorted. A clear area improves productivity and efficiency.

It lifts your mood.

There’s a long-established connection between scents and your olfactory lobes. Likewise, research says that aromatherapy reduces the symptoms of stress and depression. Think for a minute? If your room smells musty, would it be good for your mental health? Instead, a sweet fragrant scent can liven up your senses. Scents like lavender, citrus, pine, pumpkin, peppermint, and rosemary can reenergize your senses and bring about a positive atmosphere in your home.

Improves relationships

Dusty floor, dirty dishes, cluttered surfaces, hair in the bathtub –––think and see will it create a cordial and pleasant atmosphere in your home? Indeed it will cause arguments between partners. But, on the other hand, a clean and tidy place always creates a welcoming atmosphere and improves peace and cooperation, which significantly boosts the wellbeing of all those who share the same roof. 

Enjoy restful slumber

According to a National Sleep Foundation survey, 19 percent of people who make their beds in the morning enjoy a sound sleep during the night. Likewise, 75 percent said they sleep better when their pillows are plumped, and sheets are freshly laundered—clean, quiet surroundings along with soothing music help one to enjoy restful slumber.

Better physical health

Along with the release of endorphins, cleaning helps to keep harmful microbes at bay. Household surfaces could contain Staphylococcus, Ecoli, and Corynebacterium. Common fungal species include Wallemia Sebi and Epicoccum nigrum. If you have pets, then your house could have a diverse range of microbes. Frequent cleaning of carpets and other surfaces will reduce the incidence of allergies. Likewise, a clean and tidy kitchen will ensure that you cook healthy fresh meals every day, significantly boosting your wellness quotient.

A clean home increases productivity

Imagine this, after a tiring day from the office, you step into your house and find everything neatly organized. Your kitchen is tidy, floor sparkles, laundry all done, clothes folded and kept in place, and there’s the scent of sweet lavender that livens up your mood. Just everything in order by some fairy magic?

Though the scenario that you imagine now may not be the same in real life, it can be possible if you follow cleaning routines.

Step by step, you can see your house transformed into a clean, sparkling, and tidy haven. With persistence and effort, you can surely achieve this and enjoy increased productivity, health, and wellbeing.