5 Cool Backyard Relaxation Ideas for Summer (And How They Enhance Your Wellbeing)


Do you love to have a beautiful space to spend time alone lost in your thoughts, reading your favorite novel, and get immersed in a world of fantasy? Contrarily, you could even wish to spend time as a family.

When you slow down and relax, you could enjoy plenty of health benefits, including slowing heart rate, improved digestion, slowing breathing rate, lowering blood pressure, normal blood sugar levels, less anger and frustration, and much much more.

So why not create a beautiful haven for yourself, either be it a large backyard or a spacious balcony? A cozy haven for yourself and your loved ones could be the best gift you can gift yourself and your family.

If you want to create a beautiful backyard or balcony space, here are some great backyard relaxation ideas that will inspire and motivate you to create a cozy haven.

5 Backyard Relaxation Ideas

Breezy Summertime Hammock

A backyard summer essential, a hammock is a perfect place to relax, listening to your favorite melodies. Sleeping in a hammock helps you sleep better, improves backaches and joint aches.

Even chiropractors recommend sleeping in a hammock to reduce stress on your back. A hammock will elevate your upper body and improve blood circulation. Increased blood circulation flushes toxins from your body and gives you clear skin.

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Rocking Chair

There’s an interesting story behind rocking chairs. The first rocking chairs were created way back in 1710 by attaching two ice skates to the bottom of a regular chair. Interesting isn’t it? You gain a lot when you sit in a rocking chair. Rocking relaxes your brain and releases endorphins which reduce stress and improves mood.

Using a rocking chair eases your back and arthritis pain; even US president John F Kennedy used a rocking chair to ease his back pain.

Rocking chairs are a boon to new parents because rocking seems to have a soothing effect on babies and even helps parent-child bonding.

Moreover, it’s a gentle form of exercise allowing you to burn 150 calories when you rock in a rocking chair.

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Water fountains

Outdoor water fountains add a sense of sheer calm and beauty to any beautiful garden. The hushed splashes of water elegantly turn a beautiful outdoor space into a meditative sanctuary.

Water helps to put your mind at ease. Being near water or just staring at the gracious ripples reduces your stress levels.

When you’re near water, your brain starts to release serotonin, the chemical responsible for happy feelings.
Having a fountain in your backyard attracts beautiful birds and other wildlife. Even if you’re not into birding, you can enjoy watching chirping birds drink and bathe in the fountain.

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Pot planters

Pots have been famous since ancient times. They are convenient, allowing you to grow greenery wherever you please.

Surrounding your living space with potted plants provides a calm, therapeutic, and serene atmosphere. When you grow flowering plants in planters, it makes it easier for the flowers to get exposed to the sun.

Having even a few planters with blooming plants makes any space look beautiful and adds color and life.

Apart from growing plants in planters, you can repurpose them for a variety of needs. Large planters find their use in holding firewood either indoors or outdoors. You can even repurpose small pots. Roll up washcloths or small towels and stack them in small planters. Fantastic ideas, isn’t it?

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Fire pits

Is there anything joyful other than chatting with family and friends, toasting marshmallows, and spending some good times in front of a warm crackling fire? Even thinking about such beautiful experiences makes you happy.

Apart from all the fun and frolic outdoor fire pit offers some great health benefits. It brings people closer, enhances their wellbeing, and enriches relationships. When you watch the dance of fire, it completely relaxes your mind, leading to lower blood pressure.

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Wrapping up

Life is short, so spend some time to make your living space a perfect sanctuary to share all those happy moments with your loved ones. Try our backyard relaxation ideas you’ll love it!