7 Best Backyard Outdoor Firepits (Some Brilliant Ideas for Summer)

What are your best memories of sitting and chatting around outdoor firepits?

I read an interesting article about Dorobo, an elderly African man who works as a storyteller in a jungle basecamp. He belongs to the San tribe and tells exciting stories sitting around the crackling fire, drinking a herbal concoction under the clear sky littered with stars. While listening to his stories, you could even hear a lion roar in the distance.

He tells you stuff like lion hunts and how they would steal fresh meat from the mouth of the hungry lions. Sounds interesting, Is it not? Now you might not have such amazing experiences, but you can create one by installing an outdoor fireplace in your backyard and enjoying telling spooky stories sitting by the fire.

In this post, we’ll see the different types of outdoor firepits.

Benefits of sitting near firepits

There are some excellent benefits of having a fireplace of your own.

  • Fire pits give your garden a warm glow and light up the night.
  • A fire pit is the ultimate focal point and creates a cozy outdoor atmosphere.
  • They serve as an extension of your home and help you to socialize and relax.
  • It’s not just summer, but you can use it all year round.
  • Just pop a grill plate over it and cook anything on a barbecue fire pit.
  • It helps you unwind and create beautiful memories.

7 Best outdoor firepits

#1. Black Crossweave Wood-Burning Firepit

This fire pit is built from durable steel and has a black high-temperature paint finish. The spark screen protects you from the flying ambers, and the weather-resistant cover protects your fire pit at all seasons.

Janet, a verified buyer, writes, “Great fire pit, nice & big. We live on a wooded lot & always have sticks & branches, some on the larger side, to burn. It appears to be well made & nice-looking too.”

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#2. Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Stand

Oxidized cast iron material gives this outdoor fire pit a unique build. Its handles are made of cast iron and allow for easy transportation and cleaning. The oxidized cast iron gives it an antique rustic feel.

Ansel, a delighted customer, writes, “Very sturdy solid cast iron with beautiful rust finish. Great fire pit for seasonal use and moving to different locations, activating different areas of the yard. Would recommend second to none.”

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#3. Northland Grill Cooking Fire Pit with Protective Cover

Enjoy your barbecue with Northland Grill Cooking Fire Pit. Grill steak, hamburgers, meat and vegetable skewers, and maize cob over a wood-burning flame. This fire pit is made of durable steel and is painted black with high-temperature paint.

The spark screen protects you from flying embers ad the wood gate allows for better airflow.

A satisfied customer CH writes, “I purchased this grill-fire pit for my son as a birthday gift, and it meets all our expectations. We highly recommend this product.”

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#4. Foot Wood-Burning Chiminea Fire Pit

Enjoy sitting by the fire and humming your favorite tunes with this Foot Wood-Burning Chiminea Fire Pit. Its made of cold-rolled steel and has a rustic finish. The chiminea creates fresh and clean fire by moving away smoke and soot. Its power source is wood and has a one-year warranty.

Ben, a satisfied customer, writes, “Burns great. Looks great. Lots of compliments. We love it.”

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#5. Northern Galaxy Square Outdoor Fire Pit with Cooking Grate
Wood outdoor Firepits

Made with durable steel and painted with bronze, high-temperature paint, this fire pit is quick and easy to assemble. The cooking grate helps you with over the fire grilling while the rod grate increases airflow.

The spark screen contains embers and stray ash. Whether you want to host a barbecue party or enjoy some quiet time in your backyard, Northen Galaxy Square Fire Pit will satisfy all your needs.

“Not only did I buy a fire pit, but this purchase evoked all the memories of camping with my family and friends as a teen! I’m thrilled with the quality for the price I paid; what a great value!” Writes Nancy, a happy customer.

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#6. Cast Iron Fire Pit with Built-In Log Rack

Gather around this large wood-burning fire pit bowl and enjoy the good times. It’s built of durable cast iron and has a built-in log rack which provides easy access to firewood to start a crackling fire. This fire pit is quick and easy to assemble and has handles for easy transportation.

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#7. Cast Stone Propane Gas Fire Pit with Lava Rocks

Made of magnesia oxide and cast stone, this fire pit will surely be the center of attraction in your back coat yard. This gas pit is designed with 20-pound propane tanks, an electric control panel, and ignition for an easy start. The lava stones enhance its aesthetic appeal, and this fire pit will exceed your expectations.

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Wrapping up

Accessorizing your living space increases the beauty of the place and your sense of well-being and happiness. Sunnydaze decor has a stunning array of outdoor firepits, fountains, hammocks, outdoor and indoor living products. So why not give them a try?