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  • Be a Beacon of Hope For The Jie People of Karamoja

      Being healthy is a Universal concept. But there are several disparities in this world. It becomes our earnest duty to help those who are in need. As a health blogger, I just wanted you to know about the sad health conditions of the Jie people of Karamoja, which is in Uganda. Harsh lifestyle   […]

  • Amazing Health Benefits of Purslane (Luni- Bhaji)

    Purslane is heavily loaded with nutrients and is excellent for your health. Believe me, and I did not know this truth. While shopping, I used to pick all other greens except this wonderful leafy vegetable.  Then one fine day, I read about Purslane in Authority Nutrition. I felt so bad that I had missed such […]

  • Do Detox Diets Really Work

    I am not a great fan of the detox diet because I was unsure about its authenticity. But the husband started talking about detoxes, and so I was intrigued and was all glued up. Here is what I found. Detox diet   Detoxification is cleaning the blood. It is all about resting, cleaning, and eliminating […]

  • Be Known! High Salt Diet Can Delay Puberty

    The most satisfying feeling, you will ever experience is that, when your kids flourish emotionally, physically and spiritually well. The kids are part of us, to see them grow strong and healthy makes all our sacrifices seem worthwhile. High salt diet A diet which is high in salt can delay the puberty of kids, so […]

  • The Pied Pier Effect of an Apple Can Make You a Wise Shopper

    Have you heard about the Pied piper effect? Those first thoughts you have early in the morning predicts your attitude throughout the day. That’s why it is important to meditate early in the morning. Pied piper effect of fruits and vegetables In a similar fashion, scientists did an interesting study. 120 shoppers were randomly selected. […]

  • Nutritious, Easy to Prepare Summer Salads at Your Finger Tips

    Nutritious, Easy to Prepare Summer Salads at Your Finger Tips

      The summer has reared its blazing head in many parts of the globe. During the summertime, it is wise to include foods that have plenty of moisture. Slogging in the kitchen during this time becomes quite hard. So try to include some easy summer salads   To do my part, I tried some really […]

  • Vitamin E Promotes Your Neuronal Health

    Vitamin E Promotes Your Neuronal Health

      Do you like tofu, spinach, almonds, roasted sunflower seeds, avocados, shellfish, olive oil, and broccoli? Has Swarnam gone nuts? You may wonder. But all these foods are high in vitamin E, which is highly essential for brain health.   Vitamin E Researchers say that deficiency of vitamin E can lead to neurological damage. Neurons […]