Be Known! High Salt Diet Can Delay Puberty

The most satisfying feeling, you will ever experience is that, when your kids flourish emotionally, physically and spiritually well. The kids are part of us, to see them grow strong and healthy makes all our sacrifices seem worthwhile.
High salt diet

A diet which is high in salt can delay the puberty of kids, so say scientists. Sodium is hidden in the number of food stuffs, such as canned soups, frozen pizza and white bread. It seems late onset of puberty can cause, behavioral problems, stress and reduced fertility.
Scientists did experiments on rats, and found that rats fed on a high salt diet had a significant delay in reaching puberty, when compared to those fed on a normal salt diet. Surprisingly, rats that were fed a salt free diet also had delayed puberty.

So it is a must that you add salt, but in the right amounts for proper growth and nourishment. 5 grams of salt is the recommended amount for adults by the WHO.

Interesting facts

The exotic versions of salt- Pink Himalayan, Breton Gray, Hawaiian Alexa, may dent a whole in your pocket, but they are bad for you same as the humble table salt. The sodium content is equal in both of these, be it processed or pure.

So, it would be wise, to flavor your foods with herbs and spices and a recommended amount of salt for a more fulfilling meal.

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