The Pied Piper Effect of an Apple Can Make You a Wise Shopper


Have you heard about the Pied piper effect? Those first thoughts you have early in the morning predict your attitude throughout the day. That’s why it is important to meditate early in the morning.
Pied piper effect of fruits and vegetables
Similarly, scientists did an interesting study. 120 shoppers were randomly selected. Some of them were given a crunchy piece of apple to taste.  Some others were given a delicious cookie, and some were not given anything.
The shoppers gladly continued with their shopping. The researchers tracked them down. The people who were given an apple sample bought more fruits and veggies than those who were given a cookie sample and those who were not given a cookie or an apple. That’s pretty sad.

The other interesting factor to point out here is that those who were given a cookie sample bought more junk foodstuff. Interesting, is it not?



Showcase fruits and veggies.
If you want to make it, your kids eat more of the good stuff. Scientists advise you to keep fruits and vegetables in a clear bowl and within arm’s reach. So, after a tired, hungry day, you and your kids would snack on healthy food. I would even advise you to keep a jar of nuts nearby to relish a handful of nuts, along with fruits and veggies.
A healthy diet protects you from early death, reduces diabetes risk, and improves your happiness and mental health. And last but not least, regular family meals boost the intake of fruits and vegetables in kids.