Best Inflatable SUP Boards (And the Stunning Health Benefits They Offer)


Are you looking out for the best inflatable SUP boards?

SUP is life-changing, says Jodelle Fitzwater, a fitness instructor and a personal trainer. She suffered from chronic hip pain for years. Though she practiced yoga, dancing, and exercising, her hip pain persisted due to her knock knees, a genetic issue.

But one fine day in 2008, she stood up on a paddleboard and felt something she never felt before. Little did she know that it was the perfect anatomical alignment. Instantly she fell in love with standup paddleboarding.

After one year on the board, she found her throbbing back pain was entirely gone, and into the third year, she realized her hip pain never showed up again.

What is SUP?

SUP is one of the fastest-growing paddle sports in the world. According to Surfer Today, Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a water sport where a person stands on an inflatable board and moves through the water with the help of a paddle.

Health Benefits of SUP Boards

When you’re looking out for the best inflatable SUP boards, it’s also essential that you know about all the benefits they have to offer. Here are some great benefits of standup paddleboards.

Low impact

SUP involves standing, balancing, and paddling.  It’s an ultimate and low-impact exercise that’s gentle and can’t do severe damage to your ligaments and tendons. Likewise, SUP is highly beneficial to athletes who experience hip or knee pain or shin splints.

Builds vitamin D levels

A little sunshine is essential to boost your vitamin D levels. Since stand-up paddleboarding allows you to be in the sun, it helps you increase your vitamin D levels. But take care to use sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt.

Engage upper body

When you use your arms, your upper body usually reaps the benefits. A research study found that female kayakers had higher contraction capability in their shoulders and back than women who were not kakayars but active in other sports.

This means that if you’re looking for an activity that helps carve your shoulders and upper body, plus that also gives a cardiovascular workout, SUP is your best bet.

Exercises your whole body

It takes your whole body to use SUP inflatable boards, meaning you’ll be working your core, arms, back muscles, torso, shoulder, and legs, offering you a full-body workout. While using SUP boards, you have to maintain balance, use your arms and shoulders to move the paddle forward.

As a result, your heart begins to beat faster and releases more nitric oxide, enlarging the blood vessels, increasing blood supply and oxygen supply to your brain and all the organs in your body.

Easily modified at all levels.

Since paddle boarding is a low-impact exercise, people with all fitness levels can try it out. The beauty of SUP is it’s suitable for everyone. You can use it for fun and family activities, or if you’re highly competitive, you can use it to push your physical limits.

Some may use it for cruising along the river with friends, while others use it to improve their fitness and use SUPs for cross-training, including SUP yoga and SUP racing.

Has cardiovascular benefits

The Compendium of Physical Activities points out SUP has MET values similar to moderate intensity running or walking depending on how you push yourself. Making SUP, a routine will boost your fitness levels. This translates to lower chances of suffering joint problems, heart attack, diabetes, and stroke.

It helps to be with nature.

Spending your time in blue spaces has significant health benefits. Studies have found that people living near water have a low risk of obesity and premature death, and they generally have good mental health and well-being.

When you use a SUP board, you become more meditative, and you enter a flow state of mind that offers a wide range of health benefits such as improved focus, cognitive function, and mood. Likewise, it also improves your creativity, empathy, and memory.

It helps you lose weight.

Being a full-body workout, SUP could burn a significant amount of calories. For instance, an Arizona State University study states if a man weighing 140lbs engages in SUP board activity for 60 minutes. He could burn 385 calories.

Similarly, a woman of about the same weight can burn 436 calories. To lose one pound of body fat, you need to lose 3500 calories. So if you regularly engage in stand-up paddleboarding, you can reduce a significant amount of calories and reach your weight loss goal.

Best Inflatable SUP Boards

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Bluefin has a stunning range of SUP boards that offer portability, stability, and precision paddling. Whether you’re paddling the calm lake or rough seas, their paddleboards are for everyone. Their inflatable SUP boards are checked to the highest standards, and they even give you a five-year warranty.

Listed below are some of their best sellers. And don’t forget to check out their exclusive deals.

Cruise All-Rounder

(Price: Around $499 to $799)

This is for paddlers who want high-quality and versatile SUP among the sea of inflatable paddle boards. Made of solid weaves and laminate PVC their boards are rigid and hold up to 28PSI (pounds per square inch).

Transform your SUP into a kayak within seconds using their D rings and paddle your way out using their ergonomic fiberglass shaft that’s super light compared to standard paddles. Inflate the cruise with a double-action pump and get ready for your stand-up paddling adventure.

Cruise All Rounder comes in three sizes 10’8, 12’, and 15’. You can choose according to your needs. Take your SUP wherever you go with their durable backpack.

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Cruise Carbon Advanced All-Rounder

(Price: Around $900 to $1200)

If you’re going in for the best of the best, then Cruise Carbon Advanced All Rounder would be an excellent choice for you. This award-winning inflatable SUP board contains added features like Air Duo Inflation and Flex Reduction System, which gives you a powerful ultra-strong board.

The EXO Surface Laminate Technology uses the densest drop stitch pattern, so your SUP board lasts a lifetime. The other best features include the comfortable underfoot deck, offering traction and extra grip. Also, there’s a strong storage net to store in all your valuables. The Kickpad allows you to take sharp turns easily.

Easy Conversion Kit helps you turn your SUP into a kayak in a second, and you don’t need to worry about carrying it. Cruise Carbon Advanced All Rounder comes with a durable backpack to fit all your accessories and your SUP board. It’s available in three sizes 10’8, 12′ and 15’.

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Cruise Jr. Kids

(Price: Around $600)

Likewise, Bluefin has even an iSup especially designed for children, the Cruise Jr. Kids. It has the same great features as the grown-up version and is ideally suited and lightweight for anyone under 5’3.

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Sprint Touring

(Price: $700)

Priced at around 700 dollars, this Bluefin Standup Sprint Paddle Board Kit is specially designed for high-speed paddleboarding, racing, and touring. It’s suitable for both experts and beginners. Moreover, it was rated the best inflatable SUP of 2018.

Along with the SUP, you get bungee, paddle, pump, and bag everything delivered to your doorstep within 3 to 4 days from dispatch. The Bluefin Sprint SUP kit includes the following.

  • Detachable fins
  • Dual-action Pump
  • Lightweight aluminum Paddle
  • Board Lesh
  • Carry bag
  • Triple-layered PVC military-grade

Sprint Carbon Advanced Touring

(Price: Around $900)

The Bluefin Sprint Carbon Inflatable SUP takes touring paddleboarding to the next level. It is more appealing for general paddlers looking to enjoying an adventurous ride in the waters–––giving them all the confidence and balance. Because it is one of the stiffest touring SUP with the FRS and AIR DUO features enhancing its performance.

With its specialized narrow shape and pointed 14 profile, you can enjoy more distance with each stroke that glides smoothly in waters, keeping you in straight lines. Other features include

  • Croco Diamond deck pad offering extra underfoot gripKick Pad allows you to make sharp turns.
  • Backpack
  • Triple action pump
  • Universal action camera
  • Carbon fiber paddle gives efficient strokes with less paddling
  • Coiled ankle leash for total safety

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Aura Fit for SUP Yoga

(Price: $550 to $650)

Do you love yoga, aqua-based fitness, or pilates? Then Aura Fit would be the perfect choice for you. Designed with a wide all-around shape and rounded tail and nose, Aura Fit provides extra balance to carry out all those delicate yoga moves.

Allow your energy to flow and release your inner water spirit and enjoy beautiful meditative moments with this best SUP board for yoga.

Since it’s a paddleboard, this inflatable SUP is suitable for all-around paddling. Aura Bluefin is one of the stiffest and most rigid boards on the market. So what are you waiting for?

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Voyage Activity

(Price: Around $700)

Enjoy more excellent stability, extra space, and side rails for balance with the Bluefin Voyage SUP kit. Also included is a cooler box where you can store your fresh catch and keep food and beverages cold.

The complete activity package includes

  • Paddle
  • Carry bag
  • Fishing rod mounts two nos
  • Centre fin
  • Dual-action pump
  • Action camera
  • Kayak seat

It’s easy to transport as the Voyage SUP easily fits into the backpack, and it’s built to last a lifetime with a military-grade PVC finish and a unique tri chamber inflation system.

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Mammoth Group Fun

(Price: Around $1800)

Get an incredible group experience with Bluefin Mammoth Group Fun. This SUP is suited for canals, rivers, lakes, seas, and estuaries. Ten people can use it since the Mammoth is engineered with a 650kg weight limit. That’s pretty huge! Is it not?

It weighs just 27kgs and could be easily transported, and fits easily onto your Bluefin Sup backpack. Likewise, all the SUP accessories are included with this giant inflatable SUP. Mammoth is engineered for increased stability with 112000 stitches with high durable yarn.

So get into the wild seas with your friends and enjoy a thrilling adventure.

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Wrapping up

SUPs are a great way to relax from the hustle and bustle of life. Try the Bluefin range and enjoy some huge discounts and exclusive deals. Also, they give you a five-year warranty, free shipping, and 60 days returns.

So what are you waiting for? The great blue seas are eager to see you roar in action with your inflatable SUP boards.