Is it Possible to Reduce Cellulite: All Your Questions Answered

Sarah Stevenson, 25, had cellulite and drastically reduced it by changing her diet and exercise regimen. Sarah says that instead of doing complex workouts, simple aerobic exercises increase circulation in the body and help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Likewise, she stresses the importance of drinking lots of water and foods rich in antioxidants as these foods give smooth, even, and radiant skin.

If you’re curious about reducing cellulite, here’s all the helpful information you need. 

What is cellulite

Cellulite is the lumpy, uneven skin in your thighs, back, or hips. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having it or wanting to get rid of it. 

Cellulite occurs when fat cells beneath your skin push up against your skin’s connective tissues causing the skin to pucker or dimple. Experts point out that cellulite is completely harmless and very common that it affects 80 to 90 percent of all women.

Uniquely it affects women more than men due to the different muscle, fat, and connective tissue distribution. 

What causes cellulite

The degree of cellulite you have and how noticeable it can be is based on your body fat percentage, genes, and age. Cellulite becomes more apparent as you age because your skin becomes thin and loses elasticity. 

Listed below are some causes of cellulite.

  • Poor diet
  • Hormone
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Weight gain
  • Inactivity
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetics
  • Accumulated toxins

How to reduce the cellulite (Home remedies for cellulite)


Good dietary and exercise habits are a great way to blast cellulite. A combination of strength training and aerobic exercises can help build muscle, increase fat burning, improve your skin tone, and reduce cellulite’s appearance. In like manner, limiting the intake of sugary drinks and heavy carbs and drinking lots of water help to reduce fluid retention.

Here are some exercises that’ll help you to reduce cellulite.

  • Around the clock lunges
  • Goblet squats
  • Single leg Romanian deadlifts
  • Burpees
  • Single leg supine hip extension

Dry brushing

Garshana is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of massaging dry skin for health. This practice originated in India some 5000 years ago and is still being practiced today. With regular dry brushing 2 to 4 times a week, the skin becomes firmer and smoother, and there’s an overall cellulite reduction.

Dry brushing enhances lymphatic and blood circulation and massages fibrous tissue and adhesive bands that make up the cellulite deposits resulting in temporary plumping of the skin, making your cellulite less visible. 

How to practice dry brushing

  • Choose the right brush
  • Brush in upward circular motions
  • Repeat up to three times per week

Try Life’s Butter Dry Brush. It has 100 percent natural bristles and easily fits into your hand. The brush helps reduce cellulite appearance, improves blood circulation, eliminates clogged pores, and gives you clean, even, and glowing skin.

You can also try Life’s Butter anti-cellulite cream. This cream has worked for 90 percent of users, contains no harsh chemicals, works on all types of cellulite, and is hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. 

“I apply the cream and work out for about 30 minutes, and I’ve been losing cellulite pretty quick. Impressive! Writes a satisfied customer.”


Gel V Hot from Vanna belt

This super effective cream contains caffeine and Gotukola. Caffeine reduces the dimply effect on the skin and creates an immediate improvement and a lasting, smoother appearance. 

Likewise, Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kula increases collagen production and prevents skin aging. It firms up the skin and helps prevent stretch marks. 

 Massage a tablespoon amount of Gel V Hot onto your entire midsection before bedtime and only a half tablespoon for arms, glutes, and thighs in a fast circular motion until the gel gets fully absorbed. To speed up your results, use Gel V during the day.

Alicia, a verified buyer, says that she loves this cream because she wears it during the day and night, and Gel V Hot has helped her reduce cellulite. Also, it doesn’t stain her clothes, and she has it in her must-have section at home. She loves it because it does not burn her skin or stain it and is easy 

Coffee grounds

Scrubbing coffee grounds can reduce the appearance of cellulite temporarily. Caffeine stimulates dilation, while the scrubbing motion increases circulation plumping up the skin and making cellulite look less noticeable. Also, coffee grounds contain antioxidants so that they can increase collagen production. The effects can last about a week, plus you’ll be giving yourself a delightful spa treatment at home. 

Apple cider vinegar

Massaging apple cider vinegar on the affected areas can help reduce cellulite. Apple cider vinegar contains calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals flush out toxins and reduce water retention around the thigh and hip area. 

To reduce the appearance of cellulite, mix 50 ml of apple cider vinegar with 100 ml of water. Also, add a bit of honey. Massage the affected area and leave it for 30 minutes. And then wash it off. 

Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of honey; consume the potion twice daily to get the desired results.

Eat a healthy diet

Follow these simple dietary practices to ward off your dimply skin.

Reduce fluid retention

To reduce fluid retention, cut out on the salt, eat more natural diuretic foods such as asparagus, fennel, celery, and cranberries, and drink more water.

Burn fat

To increase fat burn, increase your intake of conjugated linoleic acid, which triggers the fat release. The US researchers gave a group of women an anti-cellulite pill and another group of women the same drug with 800mg CLA. The researchers found that the CLA group lost two-thirds more fat from their thighs and was five times more likely to say that their cellulite had improved. 

Plump up your skin

Cellulite looks worse on dehydrated skin. Including healthy fats like olives, nuts, seeds, and oily fish will hydrate the skin by encouraging fluids to remain within skin cells rather than in the fat cells.

Decrease estrogen levels

Estrogen is involved in cellulite production because it triggers the production of fat cells and encourages fluid retention. A diet high in plant estrogens helps fight fat cells because phytoestrogens balance estrogen levels. One essential cellulite fighting food is flaxseed which contains hormone regulators called lignans. So include flax seeds, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts in your diet. Try Viva Naturals Flax Seed. They are organic and cold-milled and contain plant-based Omega 3s and 3 grams of protein and fiber per serving. 

A verified buyer says, “A staple in my kitchen, it’s most often added to my morning oatmeal, but also great in savory dinner dishes for a nutty flavor. Ground flaxseed is easy to eat and extract the benefits from, so a great way to boost your meals!”

Your anti-cellulite diet can include the following.

Antioxidant-rich foods: Acai, barriers, camu powder, pineapples, Matcha green tea

Vitamin A and Iodine: Baby spinach, seaweed, kale, spirulina

Healthy fats: Flax seeds, walnuts, flaxseed oil, hemp seed, cod liver oil

Collagen: Bone broth is full of amino acids and boosts collagen, and smoothes out the dimply texture of your skin

Hydration: cucumber watermelon. kombucha, which is good for gut health

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is a low-cost option to reduce cellulite. Also, water encourages circulation and lymphatic flow. The beauty gypsy advises a potent anti-cellulite drink-Just try it and see. Squeeze out some lemon juice and add it to 8 ounces of water. Also, mix half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and drink thrice daily, and you’ll see a notable reduction in your cellulite.

Lemons are natural detoxifiers; they eliminate cellulite-causing toxins and trapped fluids. Also, vitamin C fights free radicals, prevents collagen breakdown, and preserves elastin stores.

Likewise, the cayenne pepper is a potent fat burner that naturally heats up the body increasing circulation and metabolism. It also supports cell turnover and results in a healthy lymphatic system.

Red Light Therapy: The Lipo Wrap

Red light therapy is emerging as a natural, highly effective, safe, and non-invasive way to treat cellulite. Here are the reasons why RLT is effective in treating cellulite.

  1. RLT works on cellulite by increasing cellular metabolism and energy. As light photons are absorbed, the energy production in the cells is stimulated, resulting in healthier, more resilient cells.
  2. Red light increases fibroblast production, which helps thicken skin and underlying connective tissues and restores elasticity. Once the skin is thick and elastic, fat is more contained and is less likely to push out.
  3. Elastin gives skin and connective tissue their elasticity. Red light therapy activates fibroblasts’ growth, which leads to increased elastin and collagen fibers.
  4. Red light forms small openings in the cell wall and releases lipids. Boston researchers found that about 80 percent of lipids were released from fat cells when exposed to just 4 minutes of red light. Within six minutes, nearly all fat has been removed.

Try Nushape’s Lipo Wrap. Its speeds up weight loss and increases energy, metabolism, and calorie burn. Ninety-eight percent of customers feel satisfied with Lipo wrap, so you’ll be satisfied too.

Cosmetic Remedy

Ultrasonic Cavitation

It’s a cosmetic procedure that helps break apart fat deposits in your body. This procedure is effective, safe, and less invasive when compared to liposuction and is considered—a low-risk treatment for most people. The treatment uses ultrasonic radio waves, which break apart fat cells, and are then absorbed into your body by the lymphatic system. 

The suitable candidate for this procedure has good overall health, does not smoke, is already 15 pounds within their goal weight, and has realistic expectations. 

Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Vacuum Fat Reduction Machine

The ultrasonic cavitation machine is safe, effective, and easy to operate. After treatment, you should drink lots of water for the next 72 hours to flush out toxins. Don’t eat for two hours after treatment to give your body sufficient time for metabolism, and afterward, eat foods that’ll flush toxins from the body. 

Take away

Fighting cellulite is no mean task; it requires patience and persistence. The methods we discussed here mostly give temporary results. Some medical procedures are available; consult your dermatologist if you need a long-lasting cure.