The Health Benefits of Eggs


There are so many debates for and against eggs. But at the end of the day, a balanced diet is all you need to keep you going. I chanced upon some interesting info about eggs.

Eggs along with veggies

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Studies say that cooked whole eggs and vegetables are more nutritious. They increase carotenoid absorption. These carotenoids are powerful antioxidants and colorful plant pigments which can significantly increase your immunity quotient.
Sixteen young men ate three versions of the salad, salad with no eggs, salad with 11/2 eggs, and salad with 3 scrambled whole eggs. The salad included tomatoes, shredded carrots, baby spinach, wolfberry, and lettuce.
Researchers found that carotenoid absorption was threefold for those who ate the highest amount of eggs with salads. So, prepare some nice salad and add whole eggs for a nutrient-dense healthy meal.

Eggs can reduce blood pressure.

Earlier studies say that enzymes in the stomach and small intestine convert egg proteins into peptides that act in the same way as ACE inhibitors. Doctors prescribe these ACE inhibitors to lower high blood pressure.

Eggs reduce type 2 diabetes.

Researchers found that men who ate approx. Four eggs per week had a 37% lower risk of type 2 diabetes than men who ate 1 egg per week. Their blood glucose levels were also low.
Are you worried your kids hate the sight of eggs? Here are some creative ways to make them enjoy and relish eggs. Watch this video.