Beautiful Meditation Songs For Good Friday

Do you know that there are great benefits in meditation? Well to understand more about it, I have started meditating, and people around me now say, that they find me more calm, mature and peaceful. And some say that, these qualities have even translated into my writings.

Benefits of meditation

Science has proven that meditation has ample mental health benefits. Curious to find out all about it? Here we go…
.   Meditation keeps your brain young forever, it preserves the white and gray matter of your brain from atrophy.
.   25 minutes of meditation for 3 consecutive days reduces psychological stress to a greater degree.
.   Meditation improves your quality of your sleep.
Meditation strengthens your brain.
   It reduces anxiety and depression and gives you more peace, improves concentration, greater self-awareness and better processing of thoughts and feelings.
Here are some amazing collection of songs for the Good Friday. Step into the world of meditation through this blessed music collection.

Old Rugged Cross

 Above All

Amazing Grace

Lamb of God
You Raised Me Up

Who Am I?

Were You There When They Crucified The Lord?

Take Care,
Take care,