Tasty, Tangy and Spicy Gooseberry Recipe


My son taught me this recipe. While they were playing football, one of his friends brought some spicy gooseberries, of which the boys had a feast.
The boy started pestering me to make such tangy gooseberries, of which I told him in no uncertain terms that I did not know the recipe, so he went and asked his friend’s mom, learned the method, and taught me.
Both the kids helped me prepare the tangy gooseberries and advised me to share them in my blog. I gave them my word.
Gooseberries are low in calories. They contain flavones and anthocyanins, which fight against cancer, inflammation, and neurological diseases. They are rich in vitamin C and are also a storehouse of many minerals and vitamins.
Rinse the gooseberries (6-8 numbers)
In a pan, fill some water and add finely chopped pieces of half an onion.
Add two green chilies and two red chilies.
Sprinkle some salt
Boil the water along with the contents
Let it cool and after a while, add the gooseberries.
Let it sit for two days.
After two days, you can relish it.
Mark my words. It will vanish in a jiffy.
Take care,