Doodle Your Way to Good Health

Art and creativity can be of immense help in promoting your health. Even doodling on a sheet of paper can have a profound positive effect on your problem-solving ability, says Sunni Brown, author of The Doodle Revolution: Unlock The Power to Think Differently.

Art can reduce depression and stress and can produce a positive spin on your psychological health. Here are some great photographs of art pieces that I collected during my vacation.

This photograph was taken at Big Foot in Goa.


This photograph was taken at Natarassan in Chennai

This photograph was taken at the Kumararaja Palace hotel in Valparai, Tamil Nadu.

Kari Heron writes in the Wknd magazine that life is not about all or nothing. It is about being flexible and doing the best each day. So enjoy the small pleasures of life to make your journey more joyous.


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