Sleep Well to Boost Your BrainPower



Think of your body as a machine, if the device is adequately maintained on a regular basis. It would function perfectly fine. Similarly, food, proper sleep, and exercise are needed for a healthy body.
A new study has found that lack of sleep makes us consume more fat and fewer carbohydrates. The Salience network in the brain, when not received its due rest in the form of sleep, acts weird and makes us eat more fat.

What is salience network?
I think it is a very complicated subject, but Dr. Kevin McGrew explains it easily in Creativity Post. Think of the salience network as a controller switcher. It monitors inputs of signals from the internal and external world.
It scans all the information bombarding from the inside and outside, and decides which is the most critical signal and should receive priority. It prioritizes the signals in the queue, and sends it to the other areas of the brain, for processing. Hope you understood!
Scientists say that salience network is linked to heart racing, stomach churning, thirst, embarrassment and mental challenges.  Now, if you are not going to sleep correctly, all these functions will be affected, plus you tend to consume more fats. So sleep well, because one factor may be linked to another.
The researchers found that sleep-deprived subjects ate close to 1000 calories during overnight wakefulness. The more significant percentage was from fats than carbohydrates. Earlier studies have said that lack of sleep increases food purchasing the next day. That means you tend to eat more food.
Lack of sleep affects our ability to choose proper foods. Here comes some good news! Studies say that a short nap, can help relieve stress, and boost the immune system of people, who slept for only two hours the previous night.
Through the lens
Sleep well, so that your brain does not act weird, and you can enjoy a bright and healthy mind which helps you to make wise food choices.
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