Notch Up Your Romantic And Wellness Quotient With These Beautiful Melodies

God ordained romance. The Holy Scriptures says that God felt that it is not good for a man to be alone, and so he created a woman. Can I say that the woman is the epitome of all creation? Ha, ha, just a thought.

Science says that love makes you stronger; it improves your psychological wellness, falling in love is good for your heart and brain. Being in a relationship that is filled with love improves your heart health, say heart specialists.

It seems that if you are in a loving relationship, you are less likely to smoke, exercise well, at least to please your spouse and have lots of friends. This type of life style reduces your stress levels and anxiety and improves your health quotient.

Here are some amazing romantic songs where puppy love metamorphoses into soulful love.

Such an innocent love song where this pretty girl Moriah Peters gives God the pen to write her love story, and the good Lord surprised her with more than she expected and she is on cloud nine and everything seems like a dream.

The wait, where time seems to stand still and you are eager to be with the love of your life. Jamie Grace beautifully portrays these feelings in her song White Boots.

And finally the big day arrives, where the bride walks into her life of dreams, and wishes that it stays that way for a hundred more years. Francesca Battistelli with her magical voice enchants you to another world.

Johnny Diaz sings this romantic song Thank God I Got Her, the beautiful stage in marriage, where you admire the other person for every little thing, and wonder, what would have happened if she was not in your life. You find her as the perfect fit for you, and the missing piece in your life. A beautiful song!

Jamie Grace sings about the divine love of the creator. Where he loved you for eternity, the lyrics and music will pep up your tired soul.

When your life overflows with love, naturally you want to make the world filled with love. Brit Nicole encourages you to show a little love and make this world a better place.
Hope you enjoyed all these romantic hits. Have a blast this Valentine’s Day!

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