High Fat Diet During Pregnancy Predisposes The Baby To Obesity

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If you are pregnant, then it would be wise to avoid a high fat diet. A high fat diet could harm your baby. Feeling a bit concerned? Then read on…

High fat diet

A new research study says that, high fat diet during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, could have significant and lasting harmful effects, on the brain function and behaviourof children.

When pregnant rats were fed on a high fat diet, the baby rats had a strong preference for foods high in fat. They weighed more, had impaired glucose tolerance and were less responsive to drugs that decrease feelings of hunger. The baby rats showed altered gene expression in the brain that continued through adulthood.

Similarly, earlier studies on monkeys, say that exposure to high fat diet in the womb and after birth can permanently change cells in the brain that controls food intake. So the babies are predisposed to overeating. The babies show an increased liking for salty and sugary foods.

A mother’s diet of high sugar and fatty foods during pregnancy, may make the child vulnerable to alcohol and drug abuse, says one research study. That’s frightening, is it not? A mother who eats junk food during pregnancy can have babies who are also junk food junkies. This has been proved in an animal study.

Take away
It is wise to eat a healthy and varied diet of whole grain foods, dairy products, fruits and vegetables during your pregnancy period. A slow walk in your garden or nearby park, taking time to be with nature, reading good books and listening to peaceful music, can work wonders for your baby.

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