Cure For Type 2 Diabetes – Lose 1 gram of Pancreatic Fat


Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong condition. But a new study offers hope to those suffering from this disease. If you want to know more, then read this post.
The pancreas makes a hormone called insulin, which helps turn glucose into energy.
People with type 2 diabetes produce insulin, but it is not utilized the way it should be, and this condition is called insulin resistance.
Lose 1 gram of fat
Researchers from the New Castle University, UK, have found that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by losing just 1 gram of fat through weight loss. Amazing, is it not?
This is specific to this condition, say the researchers. If you have Type 2 diabetes, you should lose weight. So the excess fat from your pancreas is drained off. They begin to function normally. 
This can be done by calorie restriction achieved by diet or through an operation.
The interesting point to note here, according to the researchers, is that, regardless of your present body weight and how much you lose weight. The critical factor in reversing Type 2 diabetes is losing 1 gram of fat in the pancreas.
How to lose pancreatic fat
According to Michael Cutler, founder of Easy Health Options, relishing a nutritious diet and reducing stress can greatly help the function of the pancreas. He advises some great supplements to aid with digestion and assimilation. So give it a try. Click here for more details.
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