Gardening Could Even Prevent Recurrence of Cancer


Do you get me? We belong to nature you….I ….everyone on this beautiful planet. But I think we have gone far away from Mother Nature. The fast pace of modernization has made us forget our roots.
But new research study says that being with nature has some awesome health benefits. Interested? Then continue to read.
Growing HOPE
There is a beautiful urban garden in the middle of the Ohio State University. This is called the Growing HOPE. Now you might wonder what is so special about that.
The Growing HOPE project is a combination of evidence-based curriculum coupled with novel technology and a soul-enriching environment.
This garden worked wonders on the health of cancer survivors. After 4 months into the project, the participants decreased their weight, non-HDL, fasting glucose, and cholesterol.
There was a marked improvement in physical activity and skin carotenoids.
The garden had rows of berries, kale, and sweet peppers. How awesome is it not?
The survivors had access to all this fresh produce.
Dr.Clinton, the lead researcher, says that the psycho-social experience of sharing, being in nature, watching the sunset, hearing the birds, and smelling the earth enhances the wellbeing of the soul.
This works wonders for the health. All these marvels of nature, along with the expert nutrient guidance, reduced the risk of developing the risk of secondary cancer and diabetes, and heart diseases.
Nature nourishes your health.
Earlier studies have proved that nature has the ability to increase the functioning of the body’s immune system.
So enjoy your time with nature and be in the pink of health.