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  • Can Body Odor Convey Hidden Diseases And Emotions

    It was in our primary school, I remember that they taught us free yoga classes. The master used to yell at us to remove our shoes before doing the exercises. And after a milli second an awkward smell would fill the air. Hey, guess what? It was the smell of the sweaty socks. Neither one […]

  • Yoga Provides Better Quality Sleep For Menopausal Women

    You know what? These hormones create so many problems in each and every stage of a person’s lifespan. No wonder they strut their stuff even during menopause. Insomnia and hot flushes are all part and parcel of this menopausal stage. Now scientists tried to see whether there are more natural approaches to ease the menopausal […]

  • Can Yoga Increase Your Life Span

    Does yoga help you to survive longer? Well, this might be an interesting question. Come join with me as we explore this adventurous question in this post. Meet this yoga instructor who is 94 years old. She has been named the oldest yoga teacher in the world by Guinness World Records. She has just released […]