Yoga Provides Better Quality Sleep For Menopausal Women

You know what? These hormones create so many problems in each and every stage of a person’s lifespan. No wonder they strut their stuff even during menopause. Insomnia and hot flushes are all part and parcel of this menopausal stage.
Now scientists tried to see whether there are more natural approaches to ease the menopausal symptoms rather than to depend on Hormone Replacement Therapy. Mayo clinic says that use of this therapy abruptly changed, when a large clinical trial found that treatment actually carried more health risks for one type of hormone therapy, particularly for older menopausal women.
Scientists tried yoga, exercise and fish oil to help reduce the symptoms of menopause. They found that practicing yoga led to better quality of sleep and reduced depression. Attending yoga classes for 12-weeks and practicing at home greatly improved sleep quality. Exercise slightly improved sleep and reduced depression and insomnia to some extent. Eating omega 3 did not improve the above three.

If you do not want to lie wide-eyed and count sheep then you can very well follow these tips. Practice yoga and do your daily dose of exercise. Avoid napping during the daytime, try to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine, go to bed when you really feel tired and maintain a bedtime routine. Avoid television in your bedroom and change the décor of your room to cool colors.
I have attached a video yoga for sleep by the certified therapist Judy Bar from Cleaveland Clinic. I hope the steps are easy for you to succeed.

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