Why Should You Daydream

Even as a child, I loved to write, I used to gaze at the clouds and suddenly some idea would pop up and I would start writing about it. Days and years passed, I did not even think about a career in writing, but while I am cooking several words would just swirl in my head. I would pen it down in my spare time. In short, day dreaming turned me into a blogger.
It’s a taboo to daydream; this is what we are taught in school. But Tricia Woolfrey co-author of the Inside Job says when we dream; we get into an alpha state, which is the place between sleeping and walking. This is when we open up the part of our mind where all memories are stored.
Is day dreaming valuable?
Scientists call this as the default mode network of the brain. It is active when we are resting and focusing inward.
Experts believe that the inward focus impacts the way we build memories, make meaning and transfer that into new context. Hilton Collins of the blog Imagination Unplugged writes that day dreams are a mental canvas. They help process information and keeps goals in focus.
Benjamin Bonetti a hypnotherapist says when we day dream it may seem as if nothing is happening, but our brain is scanning through past experiences to help us in our every day lives. Some of the brilliant ideas have been the result of daydreaming. I hope Sir Isaac Newton is a great example of this.
Is visualization a part of day dreaming?
Yes, say the experts. Have you heard about the Law of Attraction. They believe that our thoughts have a frequency and we act live magnets, attracting things with our thoughts. So it is wise to think positively. Because, at the end of the day you want all the good things to happen to you.
The other day I was watching a program about Alpha mind power. There the guru was talking about the benefits of visualizing. She alleged in your alpha state of judgment if you fancy anything. You acquire the confidence and courage to do the things and the Universe also helps you to accomplish this.
Can day dreaming help you to be healthy?
Now this is a very interesting topic. Experts say that as the connection between mind and body is strong, we can use day dreaming to tackle aches and pains.
You can visualize about the healthy, happy and stress free environment you desire to be in. Try visualizing this a few minutes every day. I believe that your attitudes, thoughts and goals would be automatically programmed towards that visualization.
The outer man always walks by the directions of the inner man.  So your outward actions become more confident.  And one fine day you will get to your destination.
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