Want to Live Longer?- Try Tofu and Konbu

Want to live longer? Then just read this post. The Japanese women live longer than those anywhere else in the world. Experts say that their diet may play a pivotal role in increasing their life span.
The secret to their longevity, according to Criag Willcox, an expert who studied the effects of diet and ageing in Japan, is that the Japanese eat three servings of fish a week, plenty of whole grains, veggies and soy products. They include more tofu and konbu seaweed in their diet.
In this post we will zero in on tofu and konbu.
 Health benefits of Tofu
It is made from soybean. It is a surprisingly versatile form of soybean that is made by curdling soymilk. By the process of curdling its proteins become coagulated and then pressed into a sliceable cake.
·      Soyasaponinsare soy phytonutrients . The fermentation process has been shown to increase their concentration. They play a greater role in cardiovascular benefits.
·      Tofu also has cancer prevention benefits
·      Prevents and used in the treatment of obesity.
·      It prevents type 2 diabetes.
An interesting fact about tofu is that because it is so nourishing and inexpensive, it became one of the primary ingredients of Zen temple cookery.
Having heard so much about tofu I hope you want to try it out. Here is an interesting Youtubevideo about making tofu stir fry.

Health benefits of konbu
Konbuis edible kelp. This seaweed flourishes in rapidly flowing currants. The continuous flow of water ensures that it is clean and results in seaweed that is tasty and nutritious.
·      Konbuis a nutritional powerhouse
·      High in calcium, iron, iodine and dietary fiber
·      Contains very few calories
·      Contains no fat
·      Reduces hypertension
·      Lowers cholesterol
·      It is rich in vitamin C
·      Good source of glutamic acid
Hope you will try these foods. It is wise to consult your doctor before starting any new foodstuffs.
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