The Polynesian Islands Beauty Secret- The Vibrant Tamanu Oil

The Thailand pavilion in the Dubai Global Village is a censure of all eyes. It contains some of the exotic things you cannot find anywhere on this planet. The Polynesian Islands are home to some of the best kept beauty secrets of this world. One such secret is the Tamanu oil. Wondering what is it? Then sit tight and read this post.
Tamanu oil

It is a sweet smelling dark green colored oil obtained from the kernel of the Tamanu fruits. This oil possesses natural healing properties and it is anti-neuralgic (nerve pain), anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-microbial and has anti-oxidant properties.

You will be more fascinated about the Tamanu oil production. The fruits taste similar to apple. It contains a large nut in its center with a kernel inside.

The kernel is dried in the sun for about two months. It becomes sticky with dark, thick, rich oil. The oil is then removed using a simple screw press. 

Though the oil is dark green, thick and luxurious it is well absorbed into the skin, leaving it velvety and smooth.

Tamanu oil can be said as a botanical wonder because, the nut does not contain the oil, when it is cracked open. But the oil is later formed when the kernel is sun dried.

Health benefits

The oil has a unique healing property. It helps in the formation of new tissue and promotes growth of healthy skin. This process is known as cicatrization.

The island people use it for psoriasis, diabetic sores, herpes sores, eczema, cuts, burns, body odor, insect bites and reduction of foot odor.

This wonder oil can also increase your beauty quotient. It can be used as an effective anti-ageing treatment. Tamanu oil can be your one stop shop for treating acne.

Beauty and Tips magazine advises that this oil can combat hair loss. It can increase the hair thickness and promote hair growth. Tamanu oil can be used to treat sun burnt skin and dry damaged hair, so says the magazine.

If you are interested to try this oil, you can get it from mountain herbs and Amazon.

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