Little or More Sleep Can Cause Heart Problems, Diabetes, Obesity and Much More

We just get so busy with our lives that we borrow our nature credited sleep time. The sleep forms the basic meshwork on which our health, happiness, and quality of life are woven together, to form the beautiful fabric that is called life.

Sleep Cycles

Now, why am I talking such a big dialogue about sleep? Because a new study by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention says that too little sleep and too much sleep are not good for health

What does too little and too much mean? It means that you should maintain proper sleep cycles. Sleeping for six hours or less and sleeping 10 hours or more can cause diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and anxiety. Improper sleeping habits can lead to stroke and heart attacks say an earlier research study.
If a person tends to suffer from sleep apnea or insomnia then he may suffer from poor quality of sleep. And the case becomes more twisted if a person suffers from any chronic condition. Improper sleep practices may aggravate his health condition. So the health professionals at the American Academy of Sleep advise us to speak with a sleep physician to find the root cause.

If you are not familiar with a sleep physician your family doctor would very well guide you. Improving the quality of sleep is half the battle won because this reduces the likelihood of host of other big names in the disease world. The research scientists say that sleeping longer does not mean that you had a good night’s sleep. A healthy balanced lifestyle includes what we eat, how we exercise and in the same way when and how we sleep.
In order to live a balanced life, eat healthily, do your exercise and do get good quality sleep (7to 9 hours) in the right amounts.
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