6 Steps To Prevent Breast Cancer

October is my favorite month of the year. And guess what? It is also breast cancer awareness month. Being aware is the most important thing to prevent any potential danger. If we know something, we naturally take steps concerned with that issue. And here I am to make you aware of 6 steps that help prevent breast cancer.
Walk– walking is just dandy! I am a big fan of this walking. When you walk, you just feel refreshed by the gentle breeze’s whispers. A new study says walking can greatly reduce breast cancer risk. Post-menopausal women who walk for an hour a day lowered their chances of getting breast cancer. This is the first study that says walking can greatly reduce breast cancer risk.
Exercise– there is a type of breast cancer called estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, which is the result of obesity and not having kids or having fewer kids. Now scientists say aerobic exercise influences how our bodies break down estrogen to produce more good metabolites, lowering the risk of breast cancer.

Enjoy peanuts– peanuts are a great source of antioxidants. They have antioxidant content similar to blackberries and strawberries. Scientists say that eating peanut butter, and nuts greatly enhances breast health. When young girls in high school eat lots of peanut butter, they reduce their chances of suffering from breast cancer in adulthood so says one study.
Breastfeeding– a nurses’ led study suggests that women who breastfeed for over six months are less likely to develop early breast cancer than those who do not breastfeed, provided they are not addicted to smoking. So if you are a young mother breastfeeding your baby would be the ideal choice, which is beneficial for you and the baby.
Reduce blood pressure– blood pressure drugs are linked to higher breast cancer risk, warns one study. So eat healthily and take proper care of yourself. The study says post-menopausal women who took calcium channel blockers for ten years or more had 2.5 times higher risk of breast cancer than those who never used those drugs.
Reduce working night shifts– researchers found that women who work night shifts for more than 30 years are at a higher risk of contracting breast cancer than other women. Why it is so? They say nighttime artificial lighting that shift workers are exposed to could be a factor that increases the risk of breast cancer. They also point out that sleep disturbances, lack of vitamin D, lifestyle differences, and upset body rhythms can also increase the risk.
Photo courtesy of scottchan