6 Surprising Health Benefits of Organizing


Organizing has many health benefits. It brings positive energy to your living space, improves relationships, helps you relax, and makes you super productive. Contrarily, being disorganized brings a lot of stress and anxiety, making you feel that your life is spinning out of control. 

If you wish to sharpen your organizing skill, here are some strong reasons to get you started. 

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Health Benefits of Organizing

#1. Organization reduces stress

An endless string of to-do things constantly looming over you is a source of great stress. Having a mindset to declutter helps to manage stress better.

Likewise, purging unwanted items gives a sense of order to your physical environment and enables you to feel calmer about your stressors. 

So take time to sort through it all and then decide what stays and what goes. By decluttering your living space, you can reduce your housework by about 40 percent. That’s excellent news, is it not?

#2. It helps you sleep better.

A clean, clutter-free space will increase positive energy and help you sleep well. In a study, researchers looked at 1052 participants with insomnia and found cleaning and organizing their things improved sleep quality and regular bedtime self-care resulting in fewer sleep-related problems. If you find decluttering and organizing difficult, break it into simple steps.

#3. Promotes a healthier diet

A bright, clean, and organized kitchen makes cooking easy and fun. When you plan your diet, you’ll automatically buy all the ingredients and do the meal prep work for the week ahead, significantly reducing your chances of buying junk food.

With this intention, stock up your fridge with staples like healthy veggies, leafy greens, organic free-range local eggs, organic fruits, raw almonds, avocados, unsweetened almond or coconut milk, chia seeds, and quinoa seeds. 

However, don’t overfill your fridge and label each item for ease of use. Also, you can use small sandwich bags or containers to reduce clutter and help with your portion intake.

#4. Increases productivity at work

Organizing reduces stress and gives you more time to enjoy your hobbies. Stats show a direct connection between organization and productivity. For instance, you can work without distractions with an organized, clutter-free desktop. Likewise, when you organize your electronic documents, your work progresses smoothly. Having some free time helps you spend time on hobbies and refreshes you, thus increasing your potential.

#5. Improves relationships

You can enjoy organizing and decluttering as a couple or family activity. In such a case, everyone in the family gets involved. There’s more laughter, more sharing and caring and everyone works as a team. 

On the positive side, the process of organizing and tidying up can bring you and your partner together and help both of you to envision your life. For example, what do you want your marriage to look like 20 years from now? 

Likewise, cleaning your home together as a family prevents kids from sitting glued to their gadgets and encourages them to chat with family members.

#6. Increases Me time

When you’re always lagging or running out of time for tasks at hand, then you’ll hardly get a moment to relax and rejuvenate. Being organized helps you delete unwanted tasks from your daily schedule, helps prioritize your tasks, and even allot time for each job. 

Significantly, when following an organized plan, you’ll have some rightly earned free time to use as your ‘Me time’ to do the things you love. Enjoying your ‘Me time’ makes you super fresh, ready to face the new dawn and the challenges it brings with it.