Importance of Nutrition and Play For Children With ADHD

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Inattentiveness, over activity and impulsivity or a combination of these symptoms may be termed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is the most common childhood disorder which is more prevalent in boys than girls.
Right nutrition plays an important role in improving the symptoms of ADHD. According to Dr. Frank Lawlis right foods maximize concentration, learning capacity and self control and poor nutritional choices exacerbate symptoms of ADD.
It will be in the best interest of the child to avoid foods with artificial colors and preservatives, processed milk and milk products, sugary products and MSG. Brain researcher and ADHD expert Daniel Amen advises to include foods such as beans, cheese, eggs, meat, vegetables and nuts.
Foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids such as tuna, salmon, cold water fish, walnuts, Brazil nuts, olive oil and canola oil are considered good for children with ADHD. Even adults suffering from ADHD can benefit from these food stuffs.
A recent study has found out children who play regularly in outdoor settings with lots of greenery have milder ADHD symptoms than those who play in indoor environments.
The latest trending news about ADHD is researchers have found out that the drug methyphenidate may affect learning and memory in children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The experiment was done on monkeys.
Proper nutritional diet, plenty of fresh air and greenery, sufficient amount of play time can work wonders for children suffering with attention deficit disorder. For grownups proper diet, meditation, exercise, rest and having a hobby will be very handy in managing ADHD.

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