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  • What Successful Bloggers Know About Cloudways (That You Don’t)

    Do you own a blog and is confused about which hosting provider to choose? Your blog may be your source of income, and you don’t want your blog to suffer downtime. Or you may not understand the complexity of managing your servers. Whatever be the case, Cloudways is here to solve your problems. So you […]

  • Small Steps To A Healthy Heart

    Small Steps To A Healthy Heart

      A healthy heart is essential for a happy and successful life. In this day and age, life has become so busy, and one has to make efforts to stay healthy. Being a health writer I usually write about all the dangerous diseases and it does have an effect on your emotional ecosystem. So I […]

  • How To Catch Up On The Lost Growth Of Your Child

    How To Catch Up On The Lost Growth Of Your Child

    One day in a picnic outing, all of us mothers were sitting and chatting while the kids were having the time of their lives. But the happy atmosphere became rather grim when one of my friends blurted out to another, “your child looks so small for her age.” This problem was the very thing that […]

  • Silly Moments

    Silly moments in life can bring laughter. The more you laugh, the higher you will be in the pink of health. This is a simple mantra in life. These silly moments were frozen in the sands of time. This monkey enjoys some tasty bread and jam. Take care, Swarnam

  • Pep Up Your Morning With Colgate Fresh Max Cooling Crystals

       “I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity atBlogAdda in association with Colgate MaxFresh“ It was a quiet morning, I got up a little early to complete my writing projects. I started to write this blog post and the whole house was quiet, I watched this  Colgate MaxFresh YouTube advertisement, Oh! my goodness, it really made me sit and watch […]

  • Dabur Honey- Goodness of Wholesome Diets

    It is always better to stick to the tried and tested path. I have seen many, so called crash diets fall by the wayside. We are created to eat a wholesome, healthy diet by the creator of the universe. So any changes to the original plan will be short lived with little success. Dangers of […]

  • Happiness Boosts Your Wellness Quotient “Happiness is making others happy, Happiness is there for you and me, The happiness you can’t buy with money, It can only be received, It’s free”. I remember singing this chorus, almost yelling much to the annoyance of my Sunday school teacher, sitting in the front row, when I was a kid. Happiness It […]