How To Grow Tall Naturally?

photo credit;Tom Clare


As parents we wish our kids will grow into happy, healthy, successful and well rounded individuals. The growing years are very important in a child’s life. Being tall has been associated with larger pay checks, increased self confidence and also higher intelligence.
And so here are excellent ways to increase height naturally. First of all a well balanced diet is essential to increase the production of growth hormone. Foods such as milk, eggs, chicken and soy beans, oat meals, skimmed milk, and coral calcium helps to increase your height.
Instead of having three large meals per day, have smaller meals consisting of unprocessed and whole foods. This practice will help you to grow taller.
The second step to increase growth hormone production is to get plenty of rest. The pituitary glands secrete high levels of growth hormone during the first few hours of sleep. Sleep refreshes your mind and body and helps to face the day cheerfully.
The third step to increase height is to get proper exercise. Exercise significantly increases growth hormone production and scientists name it as Exercise Introduced Growth Hormone Response. High intensity exercises say about ten minutes periodically greatly increases growth.
Food supplements such as L-arginine helps to promote growth. It is effective after bedtime on an empty stomach. Life style changes such as avoiding the use of tobacco and smoking, avoiding confined environment which contains stale air, and stress reduction will enhance the production of growth hormone.
Last but not the least drink plenty of water and avoid drinking soda and sweetened juice
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