How Can High Media Use, Low Activity And Sleep Affect Your Kids

Adolescence is a really precarious time when these hormones play havoc and kids find it hard to cope with all these bodily changes. A recent study has found an alarming fact about an invisible group of adolescents who suffer from high prevalence of psychiatric symptoms.

So what does the research study say?

Researchers have found adolescents with high media use, lower physical activity and reduced sleep form an invisible group who had suicidal thoughts, anxiety, sub-threshold depression and some even had high levels of psychopathological symptoms. And these children were not taken seriously by their parents and teachers.
The research study…..
12,000 students about 14-16 years of age, belonging to 11 European countries answered questionnaires. Researchers found a high risk group and a low risk group. But this invisible intermediate group causes concern. All these psychological problems are due to high media use, low physical activity and less sleep.
As parents, what can we do about this?
 It would be wise to minimize media usage among children, encourage them to have a peaceful slumber and above all increase their physical activity. Encourage them to enjoy the great outdoors and take part actively in sports.
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