Why is it So Important to Warm Up and Cool Down During Your Workout

  My son recently started exercising in the gym, complained of body ache and muscle pain, and took complete rest for a few days. All this was because he did not perform warm-up and cool-down exercises during his workout, and the results were painful. Is it so essential to do warm-up and cool-down exercises? What … Read more

Tap Your Toes While Sitting for Better Health

Do you unknowingly tap your toes while sitting for long periods? Well, you would have known that sitting for extended periods of time is detrimental to your health. But, you can’t help it, if you’re traveling or your job requires such action. Take heart! A new study by the researchers of The University of Missouri … Read more

The Dangers of Wearing High Heels

Do you wear high heels? Are you aware of the dangers of high heels? Though high heels give a graceful appearance, there’s some risk attached to them. Here are some interesting quotes about high heels; you will find these amusing.   “Keep your head, heels, and standards high.”   “The higher the heel, the better … Read more

Be Warned About Lip Augmentation!

It is truly neat to have bee stung, fuller and plump lips. This may enhance one’s beauty quotient. For this purpose many people undergo lip augmentation. But there is a scary side effect attached to it. Some people may get lumps near the lips that are difficult to treat. What is lip augmentation? It is … Read more