Diet Sodas Vs Water- Which of These Two Helps You in Weight Loss

If you have wondered whether diet sodas really help with weight loss, yes, they do say an industry funded research study. Are they good for health? Or is it the good old water, which is truly beneficial, let us see…
Diet sodas and weight loss
To give you an outline about diet sodas, they are sugar free, artificially sweetened and non alcoholic carbonated beverages.
The study period was 12 weeks with 303 participants and they were separated into two groups. One group was allowed to drink diet beverages such as diet sodas, teas and flavored waters. The other group drank only water.
The results revealed that people who drank diet beverages lost 44% more weight than those who drank only water. They reported feeling less hungry, and found reduced bad cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. That’s great news.
There was a reduction in waist circumference and blood pressure levels in both the groups. Earlier studies say that diet beverages reduced dessert consumption and reduce the preference for sweet foods and drinks.
Water and weight loss
Does water help with weight loss? Drinking lots of water may not be the magic bullet to reduce weight says a nutrition expert from the University of Alabama. If losing weight is your goal, then the experts suggest you to try long running weight management programs.
Diet beverages Vs Water
For your weight loss goals, you can try both water and diet beverages. If you keep on alternating between diet beverages and water, you can prevent boredom and monotony. Alternating can provide you the much needed variety and helps you in your weight loss goals.
But do remember to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan. Health experts advise you to eat a whole diet when you drink diet beverages. Hope you don’t forget this.
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