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  • What is so Healthy About Papayas

    I still remember tall papaya trees growing in my backyard with ripe papayas waiting to be savored. My mother used to scoop out the papaya flesh sprinkle some sugar and ice over it. It tastes heavenly on a warm summer afternoon. Papaya was called as the fruit of the angels by Christopher Columbus. The angelic […]

  • Can Cinnamon Cause Liver Damage

    Before I start to scare you about cinnamon, let me tell you that cinnamon was a highly prized commodity in ancient times. It was deemed fit for kings and gods. It is a native to Bangladesh, Srilanka, Malabar Coast of India and Burma. It found its way into the Western world through the Arab traders, […]

  • Why Should You Wear Sunglasses

    So far I was thinking that sunglasses are a fashion statement that should only be worn by Hollywood or Bollywood stars. They wear such big glasses, give a nice big smile, wave at the crowd and disappear in thin air. But the husband told me such a scary story about a colleague, who nearly lost […]

  • What Are Bioabsorbable Zinc Stents

    Have you heard about the Jaipur Foot? It is the World’s largest organization for the disabled. Jaipur foot is rubber based prosthetic leg for people who have undergone below knee amputations. The main goal of the organization is to help the disabled regain mobility and dignity by fitting artificial limbs free of charge. If you […]

  • What Does Healthy Lifestyle And Your Value System Have In Common

    Meet Jessica Cox a girl who was born without arms. But don’t ever feel sad for her because she can fly a plane, is a black belt in karate, learning to surf and is happily married to her sweetheart and can’t wait to expand her nest. Stories like these do pepper our mundane everyday life. […]

  • What Is It So Healthy About Mushrooms

    My birth country is a tropical land and after the heavy rains you see mushrooms growing on the wet logs. We kids used to collect it and have lots of fun. Oh! Those good old days! In 1840 the English botanist George Gardner found a group of boys playing with a glowing object. To his […]

  • What Are The Health Benefits Of Gardening

    Google has put up a nice picture for the Earth day. Surely you would have seen it. I read about this amazing woman named Deena Motiwalla, who turned her villa in the desert into a green oasis. She has pots of roses in red, white and pink; multicolored geraniums, violas and a variety of flowering […]