Have You Heard About Fruit Juice Infused Low Fat Chocolate

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A new diet by name ‘Over Night diet’ promises to help you lose two pounds overnight. Dr. Caroline who authored this book says that users do six days of high protein diet and one day of liquid diet. All these combined with sleep equals weight loss. But there are opposing voices to this diet. Keith Ayoob a top nutritionist says it was possible to lose two pounds overnight, but it won’t be fat, it would mostly be water.
You know what? This blog is all about positive energy and so, I am going to tell you about a new research find, which would make your heart jump with joy. I know that’s a bit of exaggeration. Way back in 2012 scientists said they have found a true fruity chocolate. They removed 50% of the fat content from the chocolate and replaced it with fruit juice.
Now how did they do it? The chemists took out much of cocoa butter and milk fats that are used to make chocolate and infused it with tiny drops of orange and cranberry juice. This juice is called the Pickeringemulsion. This emulsion prevents the small drops from merging with one and other. To make matters more clearly for you I have to break my head. So here we go.
The juice is in the form of micro bubbles that help chocolate retain the velvety feel and at the same time the outer layer is firm and snappy to bite. This Pickeringprocess also prevents sugar boom. You have the chocolate which has fruit juice inside, but has all the goodness and feel of the chocolate with reduced fat and sugar content. You can enjoy dark, milk and white chocolate with its fruity flavor. Please bear this in mind that dark chocolate is the best choice. The other specialty is that, the juice is spread out evenly in the chocolate and it does not over power the taste of it.
The technology is ready for the run in and it is up to the food industry to make the most of it.
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Photo by Jeroen van oostrom
Photo courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net
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