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  • Long Term Investment to Good Health – Being With Nature

    Spending time in nature protects against a host of dreadful diseases such as ü Depression ü Diabetes ü Obesity ü ADHD ü Cardiovascular disease and ü Cancer Ming Kuo, a health and wellness researcher, says that nature has the ability to enhance the functioning of the body’s immune system. It seems that there are 21 […]

  • A Warm Hug Can Reduce Stress And Increase Immunity (Gymboree’s New Born Gifts)

    This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you click the links and make a purchase.It may sound quite funny, that a warm hug could bring down your stress levels and increase the immunity of your body. A cuddly teddy gives comfort to a crying child. A mother’s voice soothes the crying […]

  • How are Camels Linked to MERS

    Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is slowly spreading its tentacles across the globe. The death toll in Saudi Arabiadue to MERS hits, 111 says Gulf News. So it would be prudent to know some information about MERS. What is MERS anyway? It is a newly identified syndrome, which is caused by MERS corona virus. The estimated […]

  • Can Probiotics Help You To Cure Psoriasis

    If you are feeling down about your psoriasis, may I give a few words of encouragement? CNN news anchor Zain Vergee and Kim Kardashian also suffer from psoriasis. Though this condition does affect them, they do consider it as a challenge and lead happy and fulfilling lives. My local newspaper weekly magazine ran an article […]

  • Free Apps For Healthy Cooking, Meditation, Yoga And Exercise Workouts

    I found some really useful apps which will be of great assistance to your healthy living strategies. Here are these wonderful apps. They can be downloaded instantly free of charge to yourAndroid device. I actually spent my time in picking out the best ones. Here we go… Cooking light magazine – (free) This app has quick […]

  • Top Tips To Boost Immunity Naturally

    Do you know a secret? Being hale and healthy is the biggest gift of all. One of my friends is a social butterfly. She is just fun to be with. But one day she tripped and fell and my! She got fractures in both her arms and this is what she told me. Swarnam, the […]

  • Can Red Grapes And Blue Berries Boost Immunity

    Fruits are rich in antioxidants, fiber, water, and vitamin C. The recommended fruit intake to match your everyday calorie need is 2 cups of fruits per day; the more, the better. Fruits not only add sparkle to your diet but it adds zest to your life, so much so that you are in top form […]