Can Probiotics Help You To Cure Psoriasis

If you are feeling down about your psoriasis, may I give a few words of encouragement? CNN news anchor Zain Vergee and Kim Kardashian also suffer from psoriasis. Though this condition does affect them, they do consider it as a challenge and lead happy and fulfilling lives.
My local newspaper weekly magazine ran an article about a lady who cured her psoriasis through diet. This reminded me to share her secret in this post.
Alison Chester Lambert a 48 year old psychology student at Staffordshire Universitysuffered from this painful skin condition. She emailed Chinese Specialists who advised her
·       To flood her intestines with pro-biotics or friendly bacteria
·       And to re-establish a healthy gut flora
Well, this is what she did
·       She cut down on sugar and added more of probiotics
·       She took milk thistle to help her liver clear the toxins
·       And took a whole range of B vitamins
The result…
Her skin condition improved and became healthyonce again.
This is her side of the story. The magazine had also published an expert’s view Dr. Roula Amer a dermatologist who says- if the natural intestinal flora is strongly colonized by yeast, it can lead to build up of toxins, that can keep the liver unnecessarily busy. In that case, the immune system will get exhausted, and not know what it should defend first.
The expert also adds that there are no studies to prove intestinal colonization with yeast, can lead to worsening of psoriasis or reorganization of intestine, with foods or supplements can improve this condition.

So the general recommendations for psoriasis are
1.     Maintain a healthy weight
2.   Follow a balanced, healthy diet
3.   Be on the look out for triggers after eating certain foods
4.   If you find out any just stop eating them and observe what happens
5.   Extreme diets should be avoided as they can be harmful.

Healthy lifestyle, positive thinking can work hand in hand to make your life richer even though you suffer from psoriasis.
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