Free Apps For Healthy Cooking, Meditation, Yoga And Exercise Workouts

I found some really useful apps which will be of great assistance to your healthy living strategies. Here are these wonderful apps. They can be downloaded instantly free of charge to yourAndroid device. I actually spent my time in picking out the best ones. Here we go

Cooking light magazine – (free)
This app has quick and easy ways to plan every day menu. Several delicious mouth watering, healthy, nutritious and seasonal recipes are in store for you. You can access this cooking light magazine print subscription in tablet form and get your cooking light magazine tablet edition on your kindle fire. The reviews for this magazine are very positive and encouraging. You can learn and plan quick and easy everyday menus.

Healthy Recipes by Spark Recipes – (free)
This wonderful app can be easily downloaded to your Android device. There are 450,000 recipes to suit your taste and dietary patterns. There are gluten free, low carbs and vegetarian recipes with detailed nutritional information. You can even save your favorite recipes.

 Relax and rest meditation – price $0.99
When I checked the free ones I was not satisfied with the reviews written. So I think paying a dime for something so useful is worth the cause. This app can be instantly downloaded to your Android device. You can relax deeply and easily as you are voice guided step by step. You can relax to soothing background music or nature sounds. This app has breath awareness meditation, deep rest guided meditation and whole body guided relaxation.

Daily workouts free- (free)
It can be instantly downloaded to your Android device. You can do this workout anywhere anytime. The exercises are grouped into 5-30 minute workouts. Targeted and full body workouts  are available. You can be slim and trim with daily workout routines. The user reviews are very positive for this app.

Simply yoga free- (free)
It is a great app which can be downloaded to your Android device. The level one workout includes 20, 40, and 60 minute workouts. A video program explains the different yoga poses. There are audio instructions for 30+ poses and 3 predefined routines. Yoga is a great way to improve a person’s balance, endurance, strength and flexibility. So try it out.
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