Can Potatoes Be Included In Your Weight Loss Program

The Inca Indians in Peru were the first potato cultivators in the world. They cultivated potatoes around 8000 B.C to 5000 B.C.  Little did they know that to educate the world about the healthy cooking of potatoes, a health blogger named Swarnam would be born several centuries later? Just a few words of self-praise cause it’s my birthday today.

Are potatoes healthy?

With so much bad press about potatoes. Let me help you see potatoes in a new light. A new study says that people can eat potatoes and still lose weight. Scientists issued this stunning note that there is no evidence that potatoes prepared in a healthful manner contributes to weight gain. In fact, they say that it can be included in the weight loss program.

Health advisers say that it is not a good idea to eliminate certain foods or food groups; rather it is reducing calories that count. It seems that one medium sized skin on potato contains just 110 calories per serving, has more potassium than a banana. It provides half the daily value of vitamin C and contains no fat, sodium or cholesterol. How is that?

Can potatoes, reduce blood pressure?

A nice question indeed, earlier studies say that potatoes cooked without oil in a microwave oven, reduces blood pressure almost as much as oatmeal without causing weight gain. The study was done with purple potatoes, but researchers believe that red skin potatoes and the white ones may also have similar effects.

Which oil is best to fry potatoes?

Think French fries, now that’s a great thought. It seems that olive oil is the best oil to fry potatoes. It is a research proven fact. Scientists report that olive oil withstands the heat of the fryer or pan, better than several seed oils to yield more healthful food.

Researchers found that olive oil was stable when deep frying at 320 and 374 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunflower oil degraded the fastest when pan fried at 356 degrees. They conclude that olive oil is the best oil for frying, because it maintains the quality and nutrition better than seed oils. I have attached a YouTube video of healthy potato toppings. Hope you enjoy it.

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