Can Facebook Make or Break Your Day

You know what? Facebook can either make or break your day! Sound interesting, is it not? Usually I share quotes of Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer on Facebook. Recently I was pleasantly surprised when a friend told that she finds these quotes extremely useful and uplifting. 
Can Facebook influence your emotions?

A recent research has found that emotions can spread contagiously among users of online social networks both positive and negative. The researchers point out that emotions exposed via online social networks can influence the mood of others. 

With more avenues for expression in a digitally connected world, researchers say that we might see greater spikes in global emotion in everything from political systems to financial markets. 

Way back in 2010 or 2011 I found the daily messages of a religious website to be really helpful. But the website did not have a Facebook share button. I wrote an email to them, that it would be great if they add a share button. And now people who share the messages of hope have grown by leaps and bounds. Daily 55,000 people share those messages. Amazing is it not?

 Researchers say that emotions might ripple through social networks to generate large scale synchronizing that gives rise to clusters of happy and unhappy individuals.
 The Long Wood University website says that Facebook offers people to create a positive self-image about them by putting the best qualities about them under their profiles. 

Concluding thoughts

I hope after reading this you would become one of those who share some positive phrases on Facebook. Who knows you could have made somebody’s day?

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