Brilliant Ideas To Enhance Your Problem Solving Skills

If you see the world at large what do you find? Problems, so it becomes essential to be creative in order to solve all your problems. This is what the scientists have to say, they have found that being creative can be your greatest asset in problem-solving.


Scientists have found that developing a creative idea requires the simultaneous activation of two completely different networks in the brain- the spontaneous network alongside the normative network.

How to churn up creative ideas?

Studies say that walking freely generated original ideas than walking in straight lines. So if you are in a tight spot and does not know a way out, just have a leisurely walk. 

This will help break the mindset and generate a fresh supply of innovative ideas.
Interesting is it not? If you want to improve your work efficiency. You can create open office spaces to free up your minds.

It seems that distraction facilitates creative problem solving. Avoid monotony at all costs and spice up your life with healthy distractions.

Creative problem solving is enhanced by sleeping so say, scientists.

Finally, being positive and self-affirmation can increase your creative problem-solving ability.

If you have creative activities outside your work, then it acts as a boon and improves your job performance.

Bottom-line- Creativity can boost your problem-solving skills.

I will share with you, my personal story. The kids were watching TV on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I wanted them to do something worthwhile with their time. So I started my boring advice, within a second I could hear all the words which I used to tell them, were being repeated in unison back to me. The funny thing was that they were both still talking with their eyes glued to the television. I felt like a fool.
So you see I have got a problem here. So what did I do? I gave them some waste materials which I found were unique and some paint. The results were stunning.
Hope you got my point? Being creative can help you in a zillion ways.

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