Be Warned! Hookah Smoking Can Adversely Affect Your Health


Are you a person who smoke hookah? Then it would be good if you hear the scary details that recent research has discovered about the health hazards of smoking hookah.


According to researchers from the Pittsburgh School of Medicine, when compared with a single cigarette, one hookah session delivers approximately
Ø 125 times the smoke,
Ø 25 times the tar,
Ø 2.5 times the nicotine and
Ø 10 times carbon monoxide.
The hookah smoke is linked to lung cancer and other respiratory illness, low birth weight and other periodontal diseases.
According to health professionals, a 1-hour-long hookah involves 200 puffs whereas a cigarette is 20 puffs.
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Can you imagine if cigarette smoking can cause so much harm what about hookah?
It seems that the volume inhaled when smoking hookah is 90,000 milliliters when compared to 500-600 milliliters inhaled when smoking a cigarette.


A healthy lifestyle would add years to your wellbeing and will help you to spread positivity wherever you set your foot on.