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  • 21 Nontoxic Cleaning Products You Need In Your Home And Car

    21 Nontoxic Cleaning Products You Need In Your Home And Car

    Most people are unaware of the health benefits of using nontoxic cleaning products in their homes and cars but tend to use toxic cleaning products without giving them much thought. Toxic cleaning products are made of harsh chemicals that can cause various health problems, including respiratory problems, skin irritation, and cancer.  Fortunately, several nontoxic cleaning […]

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom-The Untold Health Benefits

    Lion’s mane mushroom looks like a little dwarf with a long beard searching for treasure deep inside the woods. Lion’s mane mushroom is an edible medicinal mushroom that’s native to Europe, North America, and Asia. It has a striking appearance with a single clump of dangling spines. These popular edibles are common during late summer […]

  • Why Should You Drink Rooibos Tea

    Are you an avid tea drinker? Then let me introduce you to the rooibos tea which is healthy and will perfectly satisfy your taste buds. Rooibos tea has a fascinating tradition behind it. This tea grows in a small mountainous area in the region of Western Cape in South Africa. Traditionally the local people would […]

  • Are Lemons a Cancer Cure

    Cancer is a really scary disease that affects people of all ages and ethnicities. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 1 million people get cancer each year. That’s a dangerous statistic. In this article, we will discuss the beneficial effects of lemons as a cancer cure. Could lemons cure cancer Mother Nature has endowed […]

  • Do Scented Candles Pose a Serious Health Hazard

    After a hectic day, scented candles with their mild fragrance and tantalizing aroma can soften the rough edges of your hard day. These beautiful mini versions of a fire glow set the ambience of a beautiful evening.   While I can keep on talking poetically a harsh scientific truth, wakes one up to the realities […]

  • Be Warned! Hookah Smoking Can Adversely Affect Your Health

      Are you a person who smoke hookah? Then it would be good if you hear the scary details that recent research has discovered about the health hazards of smoking hookah. Research   According to researchers from the Pittsburgh School of Medicine, when compared with a single cigarette, one hookah session delivers approximately Ø 125 […]

  • Apigenin Found in Parsley Boosts Brain Power (And Reduces Breast Cancer Risk)

    Parsley, the wonder herb, has a treasure trove of nutrients. Chopped fresh parsley contains nutritional bounties such as vitamins A, C, K, folate, iron, copper, potassium, calcium, fiber, magnesium, and phosphorus. Health Benefits of Parsley   Parsley promotes optimal health and is rich in antioxidants. Boosts Brain Health   Brazilian researchers have found that parsley, […]