3 Rich Life Experiences That Raise Your Happiness And Well being

“Folks are usually nearly as happy as they make their minds up to be,” said Abraham Lincoln. If we seek to modify our surroundings by being positive and acting accordingly, we can see a happier version of ourselves.
Being happy increases our well-being and helps our health quotient to flourish and prosper. I am going to tell three rich experiences that can raise your happiness…
·       Singing in a choir group
·       Skiing
·       Social giving
Singing in a choir is fine-
Man is by nature a social being. If the group he belongs to radiates positivity then he can be happy and healthy. A recent study has found that singing in a choir can benefit our psychological well-being.
A recent online survey found that people who sang in a choir were much happier than those who sang solo. They felt that the choir group was more meaningful than other social groups. Furthermore, it can be cost-effective to join a choir group.
One of the most famous recreational activities is skiing. You know what else? The earliest primitive carvings show a skier with one pole that goes back to 5000 B.C. Whether you are going to ski in the Alps or go cross-country skiing, the reward is a positive gush of emotions that will translate itself into well-being.
These sorts of physical actions help people to prosper. It prevents mental illness, enhances positive thinking, and acts as a buffer against the stresses of life.
Social giving
Social giving makes you a happier person. I read this story many years back in Readers Digest. A little boy whose parents were migrant farm workers joined a small town school. His dress was shaggy and worn and nobody wanted to sit near him. The writer who was a little boy then befriended this little boy. By chance, he came to recognize the birthday of this little boy.
The author and his mother hit upon an idea. The next day was the little migrant boy’s birthday. As usual, he came wearing his old clothes. During class, the writer’s mother surprised everybody by bringing a freshly baked chocolate cake with 7 lighted candles on it. The whole class burst out into joyful singing and the little migrant boy celebrated his birthday teary-eyed and with lots of joy. Need I say any more about social giving?

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