1001 Reasons About Why You Should Eat Nuts

Those who eat nuts are smart and that includes monkeys too. Bearded Capuchin monkeys who eat palm nuts, place them in a stable position on a surface, before trying to crack them open. This is something related to tool use by animals.
A large research study found that people who ate nuts say a handful daily were 20% less likely to die from any illness over a 30 year period.
What the researchers say about nuts?
1.     Nuts can help you to be slim
2.   Nuts consumption wards of heart diseases, diabetes, colon cancer and gallstones
3.   If you eat nuts on a daily basis it will reduce your cholesterol levels, stress, inflammation, fat content and blood sugar levels
Oh my stars! Now that’s a lot of good stuff about nuts.
4.   Nuts help you to think clearly because those who ate nuts did not smoke, they exercised regularly, used multivitamin supplements and ate more fruits and vegetables.
5.   And finally, the researchers say they need more research proof to prove the cause and effect of eating nuts.
What is so healthy about nuts?
Nuts are rich in energy, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. You can find more about the nutrient content of nuts here. You know what else? Walnuts are the top nuts for heart healthy antioxidants. Brazil nuts have a high selenium content. Almonds contain vitamin E and magnesium.
This is a health tip that’s worth considering…….
Swingin your shopping bag walk to your nearest shop buy some mixed nuts, store in a big jar and enjoy a handful daily.
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Photo by Grant Cochrane

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