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Yogurt, Oats oil and Turmeric The Wonder Foods For Diabetes

David castillo dominici,  These are some amazing facts from the research studies which came out recently. I have put them together, so that you can be benefited from them. I will be talking to you about yogurt, oats oil and turmeric. Yogurt Adding yogurt as part of your daily diet proves beneficial. Scientists say that a […]

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Be Known! IUD May Increase The Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis In Women

Castillo Dominici,  Now if you are a lady using intrauterine devices, do not get alarmed after reading this post. Have a word with your doctor, if you have any doubts or stuff you want to get clarified. IUD Scientists from American College of Rheumatology have an important message for you. Women who are using […]

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Amazing Health Benefits Of The Herb Rosemary

Serge Bertasius,  Have you ever noticed that some pleasant smells liven you up? They kick start your brain cells, bring renewed life, zest and vigor into your nerve cells and make you function at your optimal best. Rosemary The beautiful rosemary is a woody herb with fragrant needle like leaves and white, pink, purple […]

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Open Defecation – Innovative Ways To Deal With It

artur 84,  Talking about open defecation, may I tell you that, way back in 2500 BC, the Harappan civilization had the world’s first flush toilets or water closets? But it is sad to say that, even after so many centuries later, India is the country, with the highest number of people practicing open defecation. 597 […]


Be Warned! Laundry Detergent Pods Can Be Dangerous For Kids

Natara,  ABC News reported that a baby boy died after he ate a laundry detergent pod. His mother, who was a resident at a battered women’s shelter, left the pods in the laundry basket, which was on the bed for a brief moment. And the child was asleep; when she came back, she was shocked […]

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Amazing Ideas To Prepare Tasty, Nutritious Homemade Salads

I made some amazing salads for the past 7 days. I cannot wait to share it with you. These amazing salads are easy, simple and very, very nutritious. It can be made in seconds and they taste delicious. A shopping tip When you go for your weekly shopping just buy a variety of fruits in […]

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High Fat Diet During Pregnancy Predisposes The Baby To Obesity

Phanlop 88, If you are pregnant, then it would be wise to avoid a high fat diet. A high fat diet could harm your baby. Feeling a bit concerned? Then read on… High fat diet A new research study says that, high fat diet during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, could have significant and lasting […]